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Cancer Association Faces Data Delays

By:Eva-Rakel Johannes
The Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) has extended an invitation to stakeholders interested in local cancer data in order to give accurate insights into Namibia’s cancer landscape.
However, technological difficulties have caused unanticipated delays in the formal publishing of the long-awaited 10-year cancer incidence study.
CAN manages the Namibia National Cancer Registry (NNCR) and is critical in gathering, organising, and interpreting cancer data.
This method largely relies on the CANREG5 programme, which has been approved by the African Cancer Registry Network and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).
CAN Chief Executive Officer and NNCR Director Rolf Hansen said they acknowledge the challenges posed by the software issue and are actively working to resolve them in collaboration with the international software team.
The delay in the formal publishing of the 10-year cancer incidence report has raised concerns among stakeholders regarding the quality of the data and the consequences for public health choices.
Stakeholders are keen to learn more about the current cancer statistics environment as CAN navigates these obstacles.
As a result of the setback, the registry team intends to publish an interim report later this year. This paper seeks to offer a picture of current cancer statistics in Namibia, addressing the need for up-to-date data and ensuring that it is readily available at the tip of a finger.
The association says it is conscious, however, of the distrust that may develop as a result of the delay and technical challenges.
CAN has expressed regret at the delay, but, according Hansen, they are committed to providing accurate and helpful data as there has not been a compromise of data.
Despite technological challenges, CANis adamant that the interim report gives a relevant assessment of the cancer environment.
As Namibia’s cancer statistics stay in the limelight, the association’s efforts to remove these obstacles will impact not just data accuracy but also public health initiatives and budget allocation.

Eva-Rakel Johannes

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