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Namibians urged to eat fish

By Justicia Shipena
Fisheries minister Derek Klazen has urged Namibians not to become a nation that knows how to produce and export fish but does not know the taste of its fish.
Klazen said this during the national fish consumption market day in Windhoek on Friday.
According to him, Namibia is a major producer of fish in the world.
“We want you to eat more fish. Eat more Namibian fish, because it is our fish, and we must be proud of what is ours,” he said.
Speaking on the nutritional value of fish, Klazen said fish is the healthiest and most nutritious protein available.
“It has been observed that communities that eat more fish are healthier, suffer less cardiovascular diseases, and less gout.”
In this vein, he urged Namibians to eat more fish adding that fish has the nutrients that the body needs for healthy living.
He stated that Namibian fisheries are an investment opportunity and can greatly contribute to income generation, employment creation, food security, and poverty alleviation.
“You can set up a fish shop and sell fish here in Khomas region. Let us work together with the ministry, NFCPT, and the industry to enable our people to access fish for local trade, and hence promote local fish trade enterprises.”
He noted that the National Fish Consumption and Promotion Trust (NFCPT) has established two fish shops in the Khomas region.
Klazen stamped that it is a clear statement of commitment to avail affordable fish to all people, and promote local fish enterprises.
On the market day, he said it marks the official closing of the almost month-long activities geared towards the preaching of the importance of fish not only to the economy but also health.
He also revealed that on 26 October 2022, a fund-raising gala dinner for the fishing industry and members of the business community received donations and pledges worth N$762,000.
The money will be used to address educational needs in the Khomas region.
“These donations, among others, are one of the ways of saying that the fisheries sector cares about the people of Khomas region.”
In addition, as part of the activities of the 10th National Fish Consumption Day, various means were employed to engage the public, notably football and netball tournaments.
“Twenty schools participated in the netball tournament and twenty in football,” said Klazen.

Justicia Shipena

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