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Governor Links Rundu Urbanisation To School Infrastructure Shortage

By:Annakleta Haikera
The rapid increase of urban migration has led to a population explosion in Rundu in the Kavango East over the years, the governor Bonifatius Wakudumo said last week.
The town’s population has reached a total of 105785, which means over 64% of all residents of the Kavango East region reside in Rundu. The region has recorded a growth rate of 1.68% a year.
According to Wakudumo, this is evident in the 2022 school enrollment, in which the directorate of education recorded a total number of 73767 learners of which 36833 learners were in theRundu circuit, putting pressure on the existing school infrastructure.
Last week, over 700 learners had to begin their schooling year in 20 tents following a shortage of classrooms in the town.
Wakudumo also added that the Rundu circuit has the highest total of learners and teachers ratio of the population at 1:6 per class, causing overcrowdedness in classes.
During the 2022 enrollment in the circuit schools, Ndama Junior Combined School recorded the highest total with 3796 learners, followed by Kehemu Primary School with a total number of 2998 learners. In this case, the education ministry last year availed an amount of N$20 million for the construction of additional classrooms.
Meanwhile, Rundu rural constituency councillor Paulus Mbangu says to relieve Rundu of the high rate of rural-to-urban migration, the Kavango East regional council has resolved to upgrade the Ndiyona settlement to a village.
Mbangu said the Ndiyona Village Council would include Kayengona village, and the Muroro and Ndonga Linena settlements, adding a consultant has been appointed to carry out environmental impact studies at Kayengona, Muroro and Ndonga Linena.
The councillor said they will engage the Rundu regional council to establish a secondary school in Rundu Rural which will be a technical school to allow learners to work with their hands.
“The Rundu town council should manage the rapid growth of Ndama and Kehemu infornal settlements well because people in these areas are still building more houses.”

Annakleta Haikera

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