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Nam Producers To Significantly Satisfy August Potatoes

By:Nghiinomenwa-vali Erastus
The country’s potato producers will be able to supply much of the country’s demand as of 15 August, the Agronomic Board of Namibia said.
It said the imports of potato produce without restriction will only be allowed until August 15.
A notice indicating products that are closed and open borders for the specially controlled horticultural products was sent to all horticulture traders, namely buyers, retailers and wholesalers, together with other importers.
The notice shows that for August 2023, the horticulture producers have indicated to the Board that they will be able to produce adequately to meet the country’s need for cabbage, onions, sweet potato, cherry tomato and round tomatoes.
Thus, the border has been closed for the importation of the five fresh produce till the end of August.
Furthermore, the data supplied to the Board from the potato producers show that from August 15, there is a high prospect they will be able to supply the country adequately, this includes washed potatoes.
July to September is one of the periods the country has been achieving significant harvests of potatoes, prompting the Agronomic Board to restrict potato imports, to fully close the border or perhaps partially, after August 15.
Namibian borders are barely closed for the importation of washed potatoes, and analysis shows in a year the border can only be closed for one month or two which is rare.
As a result, from 2015 to 2019 the country has spent on average N$115,2 million every year importing washed potatoes.
The total annual domestic potato consumption for the country is estimated to be 40,670 metric tonnes.
With 10 328 metrictonnes being consumed through the formal market and 262 metric tonnes exported while 7 177 metric tonnes are estimated to be consumed through the informal market.
Out of the 19 special fresh produce, there are other 8 that will also be imported on a pro-rata basis (on percentage allocation), because the farmers’ data have indicated that their harvest is not adequate.
The eight to be imported on pro rata are beetroot, butternuts, carrots, English cucumber, coloured and green pepper, jam tomatoes, and lettuce.
The border is open for the importation of watermelon, sweet melon, sweetcorn, pumpkin, and gem squash, according to the notice. Email:

Nghiinomenwa-vali Erastus

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