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MTC Switches On 1000th Tower- Aims To Bridge Digital Gap

By:Nghiinomenwa-vali Erastus
MTCswitched on its 1000th network tower at Okadhiya, Okatyali constituency in the Oshana regionthis week, as it aims to unlock Namibians to digitalisation.
This was done under its 081Every1 Project, which the telecommunication giant launched in 2017 with the aim of connecting 100% of the country to a reliable network grid.
The 081Every1 Project was birthed to increase MTC’s voice and data coverage footprint to reach more Namibians.
The communication regulator CRAN’s latest assessment revealed that the country’s 4G population coverage stands at 85%, with around 373 524 Namibians living outside of the 4G coverage area.
Since the launch of the 081Every1 Project, MTC’s corporate affairs department has revealed that 268 sites have been commissioned, while 24 sites are under construction. Of the 268 sites constructed, 221 are in rural areas, while 47 areurban sites.
In the Oshana region, MTC indicated that it has constructed 14 rural and eight urban sites with the 081Every1 Project, bring the total sites in the region to 22 rural and 42 urban sites.
During the commissioning of the tower, ICT minister Peya Mushelenga highlighted that telecommunications infrastructure, like electricity and water supply, transport and data communications systems, are among the enablers smart businesses look at before they invest.
“We need to make the presence of such factors a reality in remote areas, so that we can attract investors,”the minister said, adding that in an era of e-commerce, leadership in telecommunications is utterly essential and an economic imperative.
Mushelenga said MTC’s continuous investment in telecommunication will bring people and eliminate the information gaps between rural and urban, rich and poor, privileged and the disadvantaged.
Cementing the minister’s sentiments, MTC managing director Licky Erastus announced that the Okadhiya tower, although located in a rural setting, is 4G enabled and can be upgraded to 5G in the near future.
“Under the 081Every1 project, our sites have been upgraded from 2G to 3G and 4G, respectively,” Erastus pointed out.
He said the upgrading of towers to the latest broadband cellular network technology is aiming to unlock Namibians to digitalisation.
“We want our people, regardless of where they are, to be digitally enabled and have access to e-services.”
Erastus revealed that very soon MTC will be setting in motion the rollout of 5G technology so that the country upscale and ready the economy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).
Erastus added that the execution of the company’s mandate of providing inclusive and quality connectivity, commissioning a network tower is always fulfilling, as they intentionally lead and drive to bridge the digital gap in society.
He said MTC believes that in order for the telecommunication player to ensure sheer inclusivity and equal economic participation of all citizens, the extension of network footprints to all corners of the country is essential. Email:

Nghiinomenwa-vali Erastus

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