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MTC invested N$1,8 million On Its Employees’ Side Hustle

By:Nghiinomenwa-vali Erastus
In its quest to promote entrepreneurship, Mobile Telecommunication Company (MTC) has started providing seed capital to its own employees to support their side hustles.
MTC said it has channelled N$1,8 million in financial support to its employees to fund their part-time entrepreneurial ventures.
The country has been battling access to funding for entrepreneurial pursuits, innovators and start-ups as the market deems them too risky.
The financial support is through the MTC Dreamers project which launched in 2021 with the aim to financially supporting employees to “actively pursue their own dreams and aspirations outside the employ of the Most Admired Brand MTC”.
The programme intends to create a sustainable value chain for the employee, to participate in the country’s quest to create jobs.
The funding was extended based on the submission of a business plan or original idea, before being subjected to presentations to convince the evaluation committee – made up of internal MTC experts.
The scheme attracted 69 applications from those seeking financial back up for their projects. The project’s proposals were divided as: Social cause and Entrepreneurship ventures.
Out of the 69 applications received 30 were awarded with an amount ranging between N$30,000 and N$60,000.
The awarding breakdown indicates that N$30,000 was awarded for talent development, N$50,000 on entrepreneurship undertakings and N$60,000 was for social causes projects.
MTC Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Tim Ekandjo said the company will continue to support the dream of its own employees just as it does for the nation.
“As ambassadors, we are saying to you that we are not satisfied with you for just working for MTC until you go out there and live your dreams.
He said the project is aimed to make the employees live more than what they do at MTC.
“We want you to go out there and make your family proud by living your dream and making a difference in your community,” explained Ekandjo.
Also as part of the programme, MTC will be providing business mentorship and training to the 30 ambassadors.
The mentorship aimsat orienting the beneficiaries with business acumen to tackle subjects such as marketing, finances management, and making sure that their business ideas become a success.
One of the beneficiaries, Sesilia Auala, said:”I am excited and grateful for the opportunity”.
She said the support from the Dreamers’ Project is an injection that will aid to translate her dream of turning her own business into reality, adding she will take the opportunity very seriously, as she is excited to be starting her business and create employment for her fellow countrymen. Email:

Nghiinomenwa-vali Erastus

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