Govt to spend N$35m on VIP terminal


The Ministry of Works and Transport (MWT) plans to build a N$35 million, VIP terminal at the Eros Airport for the President and his MPs, this coming as Minister Alpheus !Naruseb motivated a N$4billion budget for the transport department (vote 24).

According to !Naruseb, Government Air Transport Services is tasked with providing secure and efficient air transport services to the President and his MPs, and the VIP terminal will be constructed under this activity. The Ministry will also spend N$10 477 000 million on aircraft accident investigation as part of the State’s obligation towards annex 13 to the Chicago convention, to which Namibia is a signatory. Three years ago Namibia handled the crash of an Embrear 190 Mozambique airlines in the Bwabwata National Park in the Kavango East region were all the passengers were killed. “In order to meet the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and recommend practices, Namibia is one of 192 states who have comply. Namibia had the last ICAO Coordinated Validation Mission (ICVM) follow up audit in July 2014 and achieved an overall improvement from 49% compliance to 59%. The Ministry is therefore hard at work to improve the rating of Namibia even more”,!Naruseb said.

Namibia is finding it challenging to find permanent hanger or space for accident wreckages for detailed investigation, analysis and office space for DAAI. “Delays in security screening have caused serious setbacks in appointment of subcontractors resulting in project delays and high cost due to escalation”, !Naruseb said. Additionally he said, considering that the current locomotives stock is more than thirty years old, there is an urgent need acquire more to re-equip TransNamib, the government has paid a deposit for 90 new tankers and 6 new locomotives to be delivered in 2016/17 financial year.

4 refurbished locomotives and 50 tankers have also been bought in the same period. The MWT will spend N$ 978 292 000 for upgrading and rehabilitation of the core national railway line network infrastructure. In addition it will support TransNamib with adequate capacity of locomotives. Additional N$1 573 764 000 will be spend on construction of new roads, improvement of gravel roads to bitumen standard, the construction and maintenance of state owned Aerodromes and the feasibility study for a new port in northern Namibia at Angria Fria The Ministry is targets are also to construct 1046.15 km roads and upgrading of 1155.70 km rural roads to bitumen standard by 2017/2018.

The rehabilitation of 172 km trunk and main roads by 2017/2018. Planning for the implementation of one non-motorized transport (NMT) infrastructure pilot project between Swakopmund and Walvisbay by 2017/2016. It also has plans to construct a new vehicle and driver licence testing station and upgrading of four existing testing stations by 2017/2108.C Works will construct, maintain, rehabilitate, and upgrade about 438 km (Kranzberg-Tsumeb 400km and phase III: Northern railway line extension of Ondangwa to Oshaikango (38km) of rail network in Namibia by 2017/2018.

Construction, rehabilitation and upgrading of aviation infrastructure (Government hangar, Walvisbay runway, DCA,HQ,ATC towers and extension to the communication, surveillance and navigation systems in Namibia by 2018/2019. It will see to the construction and fencing of state owned Aerodromes by 2017/2018, and construction, upgrading and acquisition of Maritime facilities (offices and radar system) by 2017/2018.