Duo back in court for conspiring

Ricardo Groenemeyer, 43, and his co-accused Ryno Lewin, 28, who stand accused of conspiring to kill Groenemeyer’s lover made their second appearance of the month at the Windhoek Magistrate’s court.
On July 4th 2015 Groenemeyer met with Lewin in the Extension 16 area of Khomasdal and is alleged to have agreed to have Lewin kill, Groenemeyer’s domestic partner Casey Klasen. Resulting in both men being charged with 1 count of C/S 18 (2-(a) Rioteous Assembly Act, Act 17 of 1956 conspiring to commit a crime of murder.
 After their agreement the two men are alleged to have attacked Klasen with a knife in an attempt to murder her. Resulting in a charge of count 2 Attempted murder (Assault) on the same day of July 4th 2015.
Adding to the victims’ injuries accused Ryno Lewin is alleged to have gone on to rob Klasen of jewellery, a handbag and 1 blackberry Cellphone, resulting in count 3 Robbery against Lewin.
Both men are currently out on bail and will appear again in court on the 26th of April after gaining legal representation.