Bus ticketing tender on cards

The City of Windhoek (CoW) has plans to implement a new modern ticketing system to be provided through tendering, spokesperson, Scheifert Shigwedha told The Villager this week. The system which is supposed to ensure minimal handling of cash will be adopted in all municipal busses, after a directive from the City.

According to Shigwedha , ”A decision has not yet been made, but plans are underway. Once a decision is made to upgrade to a modern ticketing system, the CoW will follow its procurement procedures by inviting tenders. This will then be processed according to the local tender board ’’. According the CoW the reason why the smartcard system was introduced is because bus drivers are not trained to handle money.

People that don’t afford smartcards can still pay cash. Also the current new busses, new work which is yet to be fully implemented will allow passengers to exchange at central bus station and they can get on and off at any bus stop in the network. There will be zone one to zone two. This is why the CoW is planning on whether to upgrade the current ticketing system to a modern system that allows flexibility to passengers.

“Since the CoW has recently rolled out its new bus network, you have probably seen the new buses, these buses are traveling in new lines and not on traditional routes. They are also traveling throughout the day until 20H00 compared to the traditional buses that only operate in peak hours”,Shigwedha said. He added “a passenger using a smartcard as a method of payment will need to validate his or her smartcard on the smartcard reader of the ticketing machine in the bus. The driver will then issue him or her with a receipt. While a customer paying with cash he or she will give the money to the driver, the driver then enter the transaction on the ticketing machine and issue a receipt. The smartcard is actually the fastest way to pay and it reduces the boarding time in the bus”.

The smartcard can be recharge or reloaded with trip values as many times as possible depending on the traveling needs of a customer at any off CoW’s customer care cash hall offices in the city. In 2007, CoW procured a ticketing system called Wayfarer Electronics TGX system. The system was supplied by a South African company, Questek, recently change their name to VixQuestek. All municipal busses are currently fitted with Wayfarer TGX ticketing machines that allows passengers to pay using two methods namely cash or smartcards. The new buses systems has created a convenience for bus users especially those travelling long distance to use the service for long hours.