Murder suspect in court

Murder suspect appears

The Windhoek Magistrate’s court saw the case of, Marakia Gawasab, 31, last week who appeared on charges of murder. Gawasab who lives on Deva Pollis street in Soweto appeared in court B for unlawfully killing Lucky Aragaeb by stabbing him with a knife on 14 September last year. The fatal stabbing allegedly took place in Luxury hill.

He is currently out on N$1 500 bail and is scheduled to return to court on 11 April this year as his case has been postponed for the prosecutor general’s decision.

No bail for rapist

A 29 years old Windhoek resident Benito Jansen, appeared in the Windhoek’s magistrate court for one count of rape last week. According to court documents, on 27 January this year Jansen called the complainant who was known to him to meet him where he raped her in Katutura, although court documents do not specify where the attack happened.

When Jansen appeared in court last week, he was denied bail and his case was remanded to 26 May this year as the case was still under going investigations. In a separate case, Fabian Andreas, 37, resident from Blombot Street in Goreangab also appeared in court on one count of rape. Although the court documents did not specify the location of his attack or the relationship with the complainant, he is schedule to return to court on 30 May this year as well. The case is still being investigated by the police.

Pensioner in court for drug charges

A 64 year old Babylon, resident made an appearance in the Windhoek Magistrate’s court on charges of drug dealing last week. Jacobus Swartz, 64, appeared along side his co-accused Derick van Wyk, 42, who is also facing similar charges. The two appeared before Magistrate Claudia Claasen. According to police documents, on 29 August last year the two were caught dealing in the prohibited substances.

They were in possession of 17 mandrax tablets and 145 grams of cannabis to the value of N$1 455. They are now both facing charges of dealing in a dependence producing substance and drug dealing. They are both out on bail, and are scheduled to appear in court on 30 May as their case is still being investigated.