Auction pen on the cards

The Namibian Livestock Breeders Cooperative (NLB) has been allocated 20 hectares of land by the Fransfontein Settlement Development Committee (FSDC) to build an auction pen worth N$500 000 to N$600 000, The Villager learned.

The first phase of the construction which does not have any government funding, has not started yet as the NLB is still collecting material. NLBC is registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) under co-operative division and is owned by local farmers around Fransfontein, Khorixas, and Braunfels areas.

Speaking to The Villager, the Chairperson of the NLB Leonard Tjikongo said ‘’Government is not giving any financial assistance to this project for now maybe in later stage when we move to the phase two. Ministry of Agriculture division of co-operative is only giving us security guarantee to aqua to Agri Bank, and the co-operative is taking out small and large livestock loan for its members that cannot provide collateral for loans at Agri Bank, that the only way Ministry or government is supporting us for now’’.

The NLB construction in its first phase is only concentrating on building main office for the cooperative, setting up a pay point office, construction of livestock kraals, toilets and kiosk. The members are contributing cash to pay contractors and worker’s salaries while building material are coming from the general public. The main sponsor that donated to the project are Ardo Plumbing and Building Services, Pyrokorp IT Solutions and MWAF rural water supply division.

The auction pens is to market products directly to suppliers and cut out middle man reduce high commission and transport cost when farmers are selling their livestock at auctions. After independence Fransfontein did not have an auction pen and farmers from the Fransfontein areas had to travel as far as Khorixas, Outjo or Kamanjab to sell their livestock. The auction pen will cut transport cost of farmers when it is erected.