Regions to benefit from MoU with England

The regions which will benefit firstly from the Namibian Volleyball Federation’s (NFV) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with England Volleyball will be identified soon, NVF Secretary-General Gunter Rust says.

Although the regions have not yet been selected, Rust said this process will be determined by applications as the regions will have to motivate why they need the officials in their area.

Emissaries of Volleyball England visited Namibia last week to finalise the MoU, which is part of their Olympic Legacy Program they signed upon hosting the 2012 Olympics in England, aimed at developing sport.

“Our season kicks off on the 2nd of February. We will have engagements with the various regions, and it will be up to the regions themselves to determine those who will benefit,” he explained.

As part of the MoU - an agreement which will see the NVF and their English counterparts exchange capabilities - Namibia will benefit by receiving experienced coaches to go into the regions and aid the NVF’s development plans.

“Our commissioners will also be able to travel that side and partake in some courses and programs, which will further help our knowledge which we can then use back home.

England is the volleyball development centre in Europe, and we will no doubt benefit from this exchange,” Rust noted.

He further stated that the NVF is committed to ending volleyball’s concentration in Windhoek, and have plans to take it into the other regions.

The NVF will, therefore, benefit from Volleyball England as they will also share the experience of working on their decentralisation programme, which they have managed to work on in the last 10 years.

“Going into the regions will improve volleyball there, which in turn will improve volleyball overall in Namibia as it will create better competition. We will do this by exposing the regions to a high- level standard of volleyball, and establish the right structures,” stated Rust.

The benefits of the MoU will not be a oneway street, however, as Rust said England Volleyball will also be able to send their officers who are fresh from university to gain exposure in Namibia and get a better understanding of the running of regional structures, which they can then implement when they go back.

Volleyball was awarded the Development Programme of the Year gong and Gunter Rust the Administrator of the Year prize at the 2015 Namibia Sports Awards.