Chinese woman breaks foreign currency export regulations

A Chinese woman who was arrested early last year for exporting US$67 000 without the Namibian treasury’s permission pleaded not guilty at the Katutura Magistrate Court last week.
Min Deng, 39, was arrested at the Hosea Kutako International Airport last year after she was found contravening regulation 3 of the exchange control regulations.
Deng, was arrested while exporting almost half a million Namibian dollars, US$67,000 (N$475 686.728) although court documents did not specify where she was exporting the money to.
Although her case is still continuing, she made bail of N$10 000 last year. She pleaded not guilty to violating the export of currency regulations on 12 August 2011.
 The case had to be postponed to 5 September 2011 for trial because there was no Chinese interpreter available.