CoW overzealous about water prohibition

The City of Windhoek’s sweet deal to coerce Windhoek resident’s to comply to their new threats now that CoW has been pushed into the corner on the water crises will be nearly impossible to pull off.

CoW this week announced, that the water crisis in Windhoek has reached a point beyond control and now only measure to try and keep the taps running for necessities is for us to shut down anything that resembles luxury to the city.

The city has said that, watering of gardens is restricted to trees, shrubs and perennials once every second week. Watering of lawns, flowers, vegetables, etc. is strictly prohibited; no washing of cars (at home) other than utilising certified car washes; no watering of public parks & sport fields unless through an approved semi-purified irrigation water connection; pool covers are mandatory and no further filling of private pools are allowed; no water features, fountains, ponds, etc. are to be operated and filled.

I am more worried about the small business that service from small hustles such as car washes. These are the ordinary men on the street who make their bread from these small hustles and for the city to cut them off like this will only force the poor into a deep pit.

The city has acted like it was not prepared for the crisis even though talks of the city reserves running dry was predicted years ago, with the trend of the persistent drought. The city should have consulted on how to preserve water the best ways and then enforced some of these things a long time ago, before the crisis hit.

The bigger question however is how will CoW says monitor the water activities around Windhoek? The Villager once spoke to the City which had revealed that it does not have the work force to carry out inspection around the city so this makes you wonder if the city has a plan to monitor.

Although drought response plan has been shared with the public, the Judgement Call is very keen to find out how it’s going to stop the state house from running its fountain. I think maybe the President who has taken the lead on all matters concerning the state will be the example and shut off all this beautiful water features and the state house to show others how it is done.

When you also say that someone cannot refill their pull when they have worked day and night to make sure that they have a house with a pull then you are also not seeing very far being corporate Namibia who has all these beautiful lawns, and gardens will not shut down those features that they have worked so hard to install.

When the city was hit by the 2013 drought, who many meetings took place to consult the on what to do if things get worse. We already knew that our reserves were running dry and the dams were not filling up because of the drought and the city has already been reckless in it ways.

How many water pipes had burst and would be running for hours before the city attended to them. Then again the city has approved many builds plans that have features that use water on a daily basis.

The Anti- Corruption Commission’s new building has this incredibly impressive feature that has water falling off its wall 24 hours a day.

Now the same city of Windhoek that approves these plans is the same city of Windhoek telling you that you cannot water your vegetables and your lawns because we have a crisis now.

We need to cut our procrastinating tendencies where we only attend to pertinent issues when its already too late.

Photo: Pexels