Strong leadership and strategy propels Pupkewitz to success

Pupkewitz Holdings has established itself as a prominent force in the Namibian economic landscape through strong leadership, strategic brand expansion and by nurturing its employees.

With a total of 1,574 employees, Pupkewitz Holdings is a proud Namibian company and has successfully managed various subsidiaries across the country including MegaBuild, MegaTech, Pupkewitz Motors and Pupkewitz Catering. It is the one of the highest revenue earning companies, ranking second after Ohltaver & List Group.

During an excursion organized by Pupkewitz Holdings, celebrating the CEO's 100 days in office, its Chief Executive Officer Dougie Truter highlighted that, “Leadership is not about maintaining the status quo, it’s about assessing where we are today and to decide on a better place to be tomorrow”.

He said that all companies should develop a thinking culture in which leaders see beyond the obvious when looking into the future. This includes being resourceful, innovative, inspirational to employees, creative, and ready to establish balance.

Truter emphasised the importance of taking care of his employees. “Human capital is a scarce resource that needs to be nurtured. A competitive advantage is to be gained from transformation and gender equality”, he said.

Along these lines, he highlighted that a company should develop a performance culture in which common business goals are established and understood so that everyone is working towards the same thing.

Pupkewitz Group of Companies has also found success by having direct and open communication with stakeholders, as Truter stressed, “It’s a two way process of reaching mutual understanding”. By establishing this relationship and being financially responsible and capitally efficient, Pupkewitz Holdings has remained a strong force in the Namibian economy.

Brand development and consistency have been a large part of what the company has focused on. It strives to always provide excellent service to customers and encourages the development of new products and services for the brand. “Pupkewitz’s foundations is cemented by entrepreneuers. Our government welcomes and encourages entrepreneurs. It creates employment opportunities”, Truter stressed.

Besides just focusing on its products and services, Pupkewitz Holdings also strives to be a socially responsible organisation through the Pupkewitz Foundation. “We live in a country where inequality is a fact and we have the power to make a difference”, Truter said.