Desire to own something


When we were growing up, it was our voiced desire that someday, we would have things of our own!
This sentiment was often vocalised when one had failed to access a certain desired thing (to eat or play with) and principally because they did not own it, they did not have any power or control over benefitting from it.
Those situations sowed in me a great desire to be an owner someday. Shall I touch that sensitive spot? Those work situations are the ones that make you ‘swear’ that ‘one day, I too shall have a company of my own!’ The advantages of being an owner are all too obvious to most of us, especially in the areas we aren’t owners. Here is the good news;we all can be owners.
You recall that when you were in a season of lack, you would even borrow the clothes on your back from a sibling or a close friend, especially for special events. When you needed to communicate, you would ask the neighbours for the telephone, or receive calls on their mobile phones. If some basic items(salt or a cup of maize meal) was short during supper`s preparation, again, you would borrow from the neighbours.
Having things of your own is a measure of progress! That’s why even street lingo ascribes to this and refers to someone as “he has things of his own”. I want to challenge you today to have the focus of ‘owning’.
Many of us need weaning from ‘other people’s stuff’, so that we can become mature and self-sufficient. Nothing wrong with perks but while those are there, one must be working towards attaining theirs. Some didn’t even have alternate e-mail addresses, when asked to leave; they would immediately be unreachable via e-mail! People lost the sense of ambition and the drive to accomplish things by themselves. As times got hard and the company failed to deliver on some of these, there was evident anger and threat of uprising.  
 This is the time and season to work at having things of your own:
1. Your own business: I know a number of colleagues that have been frustrated by employers who remunerate inconsistently; often pay fractions of a salary on the wrong date of the month – on the 34th or so! Be faithful and apply yourself while you are still under the employment of another. Learn all you can. There is very little you can do when your livelihood is controlled by another. It’s them who determine your standard of living – where you live, what you eat and wear; if you let them. Work with your own hands, in your own business! Mind it – i.e. think through it and watch over it diligently, for your own direct profit!
2. Your own land: Work towards having a real estate. There is a limit to which you can keep exchanging your money for shelter. Often, we live in less than ambient settings because ‘the owner won’t come and fix something’, especially to your taste and liking. Have your own land where you can dominate and decorate as you please. Have the assurance of permanency, it does not matter where you start; at least own the roof over your own head!
3. Your own transport: Give yourself the flexibility to travel across the land. It’s nice when a man can take his family out for an ice-cream treat suddenly just before 9pm and he can do that safely and confidently because he has his own means of transport. It’s lovely to have the chance to stay for the entire evening service without worrying about how you will get home after, or if you will be robbed or molested on the way. You need the liberty and freedom of movement that was fought for and accomplished in 1990. According to the law, it is there but it’s up to you to personalise it!
4. Your own family:  Once all your friends of the opposite sex have significant others, you cannot relate with them exactly as before.
Buy your own laptop and Blackberry this year! For once, pay for your own air ticket and travel. Have an alternate e-mail address other than the work one. Get your own internet connection so you aren’t forced to go to the office at awkward hours to access Facebook! Buy your own home printer and bond paper and stop printing all those thick textbooks at your employers’ expense.
What you had been borrowing last year from others, determine to purchase this year, so that your progress is evident to all – whether it be a kitchen or household or garden or motor vehicle gadget. Have everything you need that you may be able to abound to every good work.
Begin to take action, become an OWNER this year!