Man disobeys protection order

Windhoek magistrate Linus Samunzala presided over the court appearance of 52-year-old Lukas Gariseb after he was arrested for violating a protection order by his wife.

The complainant, Leopoltine Gawa- !nas, who is a Havana resident, stated in court documents that,

“I opened a protection order against my husband early this year, and the protection order indicated that my husband Lucas Gariseb should stay away from my place at Monte Christo in Havana. It is what I explained to Lucas Gariseb, and he understood. During early October this year, he arrived at my place and threatened to kill me by stabbing me with a knife or suffocating with a pillow, and he chased me and my children out of the house. He is still in the house now, and I have run out of the house as I fear for my life. I want him to be arrested and not granted bail. That’s all”.

Gariseb was initially arrested last year, whereafter he was held at the Wanaheda police station.

He was supposed to appear in court on 20 October 2015, but failed, after which he told the court that he was told by a magistrate that the case was withdrawn. Sirka Nangoro, the public prosecutor working on the case last week, opposed his bail application then.

“This is a domestic violence matter, and violation of a protection order. He went back to the same residence in violation of the protection order. He can present a formal bail application. May the matter be remanded to 11 February 2016 for plea and trial”, she submitted. Magistrate Samunzala granted the order.