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4G delay reverses Vision 2030

by Chief Reporter

The delay in issuing a licence for the MTC 4G by the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia and the revelation that the City of Windhoek is also sitting on the request made by MTC for its own fibre network works against Vision 2030.
Had MTC launched its 4G as planned, it would be one of the very few African countries to boast such advanced technology but the demand for shares and bureaucracy is hampering this.
Of course, Cran is still new but just what are they doing each day if not working on issuing out licences, boggles the mind.
It’s not as if there are 30 operators who have applied for 4G licences. There is only one – MTC and one application. So what are they doing if they can’t issue out a licence?
This brings the issue of whether the Cran people know what must be done. Surely if they knew what they are there for, they should by now have finalised the licence issue.
If MTC submitted the application seven months ago, it means, in a normal situation, Cran should be done with it.
What Cran people should know is that MTC has put in the tax-payers’ money. And that money must make more money. Trying to act as if they own the world does not help. We have no doubt that somebody isn’t doing their job at Cran.
The conspiracy between the City of Windhoek and Telecom is bad news. It is tantamount to greed on the part of council. And just why and how would the City listen to Telecom? Since when has this happened? Somebody, somewhere, is holding back development and reversing Vision 2030.
 Telecom must learn to compete. They must stop acting dumb and stop pulling strings. Competition will give the customer a choice. Telecom must be called to order once and for all. And the City has to explain what Telecom is doing in their business. They must explain whether they work for Telecom or for the people.
This is the part where the Anti-Corruption Commission comes in to find out what exactly is the matter. This is a N$225m public investment, which should be given swift approval.
This selfishness and greed should stop. Business is competition, not back-biting. We challenge the powers involved to act and end this circus.