Ennio signs for Valletta FC

Namibian footballer Ennio Hamutenya (18) has signed a professional contract with Maltese football club, Valletta F.C.

The move comes a year after his attempt to join AC Milan failed due to Namibia’s low FIFA rankings, despite having three successful weeks on trial with the Italian club.

On joining Valletta, Hamutenya said, “I am truly blessed, happy and humbled to have signed my first professional contract with Valletta FC, a club with great history and are Champions league and Europa league competitors. I hope to be an example to many. If you really dedicate yourself, work the hardest you possibly can, don't let knock downs keep you down, let them make you stronger, keep focused, disciplined, always willing to learn and also to teach, have a strong character.”

He added, “Most importantly doing what you love with a smile on your face. Nothing should stop you from achieving your goals and becoming successful. Proudly Namibian and proud to help put my country on the map.”

Valletta FC has won 22 Maltese Premier League titles, their most recent being the 2013/2014 season.

The club’s most successful spell came in the 1996/1997 season when it won all five competitions that Maltese football offers. This was done by succeeding to win the Premier League, Rothmans Trophy, Super Five Cup, Lowenbrau Cup and Super Cup.