Maj Beats disappointed with Exit


Maj, of Maj Beats Productions, has expressed his disappointment with the kwaito artist over his signature having been removed from the instrumental of the artist’s hit song, ‘Go to Malawi’.
Maj produced the popular song and is now disappointed that the final song did not bear his signature. OK, before you ‘hug a geingob’ let me school you guys on what a signature is. A signature is a self-promoting sound that producers use in order to be distinguished from others. Signatures are not popular in other genres. They are mostly used by hip-hop artists and producers. You have heard a Rick Ross song starting with “Maybach Music”, right? That’s a signature.
According to Maj, the original instrumental of Exit’s hit song had a signature that said “Maj Beats Production”. “I gave the beat to Exit but he had Elvo remove the signature without consulting me first, which is really bad. I mean, I don’t have any beef with Exit but I felt offended that he did that. Either way, we still cool,” said Maj.
Maj also hinted that he’s planning to pay a visit to Nascam to verify if he was officially recognised as the composer of the song. “I’m thinking of paying them a visit, just in case,” he said.