SunnyBoy refuses to talk to The Dogg

ayo, the street is talking; a source close to The Dogg informed me that the two most loving artists are not on talking terms. This was apparently confirmed by The Dogg on Facebook, who also said SunnyBoy does not have the right not to talk to him as he has written most of his songs.
According to my connect, SunnyBoy has indicated that he doesn’t wanna talk to The Dogg and The Dogg is said to be upset. Since the onset of the Gazza/ The Dogg feud, Sunny boy has been siding with the kwaito master and the two have always been close.
“The Dogg has always been a big brother figure to SunnyBoy but what people don’t notice is that the two have been slowly drifting apart. SunnyBoy appeared on his latest album but trust me, they are not as close as they used to be,” said my connect.
The Dogg just sorted things out with Blacksheep who he has been beefing with for over two years, so if this new feud is for real, then it might be catastrophic. You know what they say about friends when they turn into enemies, it’s deadly. I just hope the boys just had a difference of opinions and will sort things out soon. There is no time for more beef, that’s for last year.