The struggle life of musicians

It really is tough to be a musician in a small industry like ours, hey? I mean, it is all about being a hustler.

Musicians have it hard, especially when they have to walk from wherever they live to go and record a song. Others would literally do anything to get a record deal, even if it means losing their dignity while at it.

We should not blame them if they are willing to go to extreme levels to make the money. We all need to make a living after all.

If you dream it, you better live it. Is that not the slogan we need to live by? I have heard of female musicians who have had to sleep their way up because they need recognition, they need to make a name for themselves and believe me, we all have to do something to get what we want.

Only God knows what musicians go through to get what they want, where they need to be and how to position themselves in this small industry of ours. The struggle is real, and those who do not know what they go through sit back and judge them.

Have you ever been passionate about something so much that you make it your life? Well, I have. I chose to be a journalist because I was passionate about it. It is an exciting career, and I feel I was born to be one. I was destined to bring you news.

This is how musicians feel. They love what they do, and there is nothing better for them than to do music.

But they are misunderstood for the things they have to do to make money out of it. Please do not get me wrong, I am not justifying the actions taken by som4e musicians to get want they want.

All I am saying is that if you are passionate about something, you are willing to go to the extremes to get it, regardless of whether it is deemed morally right or not. What I have a problem with is that musicians do not have another sidehustle to be able to fund their music.

I mean, we all know that our industry is small, and you cannot survive on music alone, especially when you are starting out. We do not live in the United States of America, where it seems like the musicians are making it big there, and it looks like they have it easier. But honestly, they do not.

The musicians you hear today and seem to come with a bang have been at it for a while, but they were just unknown like you. They have had to work hard, walk to the studio, sleep their way up and so forth.

Basically, all of you are rocking in the same boat. It is all about hard work, patience and passion, and it pays off. But even if it pays off, we live in Namibia, a small country with only two billion people. We are like a suburb in South Africa (pardon my exaggerations), and surviving on music alone will be tough.

Look at musicians like Gazza, Big Ben and The Dogg and many others. They have been in the industry for over 10 years, they have won numerous awards, but they have other things which rake in money for them because they know music does not always pay off.

Another problem I have with these young, upcoming musicians is the fact that they do not value their education at all. They quit school, thinking that music will pay off, pay their rent and buy food.

No son, you got it wrong. Please get your degree, be an educated musician.

After saying that, I like how our local model Luis Munana says he is a model with a degree. That should inspire you to study while you do your music. It will pay off, darling.

With that said, I respect your hustle, and I do not blame you for whatever it is you want to do to get your music going.

But please be smart about it.