Ignorance is bliss

We have heard the adage that states that ‘ignorance is bliss’.

What this means is that ignorance for a number of people is a state of life and nothing can beat that. It means that people embrace ignorance instead of finding more things that are useful.

The problem is that people embrace their comfort zone with the fear of learning or embracing new things.

However, if people only knew that ignorance is their ultimate down fall…and listen to this, there is a difference between being primitive and ignorance so please do not make that statement that people who are deep in the villages do not know much.

Even though those in the villages are deemed as primitive, they are not ignorant to the things within their surroundings. A lot of wise people are found there.

There is a bible scripture that states that ‘my people parish because of a lack of knowledge’. The epitome of this scripture can be made relatable to so many factors in our lives as we are ignorant beings.

Imagine if we knew a lot, we would be able to deal with the many issues that face us.

Now many a people are perhaps questioning the validity of scripture in this column… All that can be said for now… hold on, we are getting there.

In that scripture, God was speaking about how people would end up in the depths of hell because they lacked knowledge of the gospel, of how to get to heaven. To reiterate the earlier statement, this scripture may be made applicable to our daily lives, our daily struggles.

For instance we allow abuse of the highest order because we do not know our rights, simply because we lack a little bit of knowledge in many areas that could be vital in our daily struggles.

Imagine if you picked up the Namibian constitution and just read a little on our rights. Just imagine the pain you shall save yourself from enduring.

Once one reads on their rights, they can quote a relevant authority because they would have the necessary backing. Imagine how you shall save yourself from the abuse of all sorts.

This brings me back to the scripture, we parish because of a lack of knowledge, and you know what, it is our own mistake, nobody but ourselves should take for the blame. It is sad, really, it is. We could save ourselves the pain if only we educated ourselves a little.

For instance when it comes to our employment contracts, we do not know the labour law hence the abuse we undergo. Our bosses treat us like we are nothing and we allow it because we have not read on what is said in the labour law.

We accept unfair dismissals, warning letters and verbal warnings, late night working hours because we have no knowledge of the labour law. We stay in a state of euphoria embracing ignorance because we do not want to educate ourselves on what is right.

But for how long will we be ignorant? How long will we accept abuse because we fail to educate ourselves? How long will we wallow in the depth of ignorance? How long?

It is really sad and trying to comprehend will not be possible because it is beyond it, however, all this can be simplified if we read a little. If we focus on being knowledge based, we would counter the abuse that we go through more often than not.

Let us not be those people who parish due to a lack of knowledge, there is so much we need to learn, so much we need to know and do not stop learning more.

To reiterate the abovementioned, we are solely to be blamed for the abuse, the unfair treatment because of our lack of knowledge, our ignorance and most probably our stupidity.

Imagine an abuse free generation… it starts with you.

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