Male entertainers weigh in on passion killings

Male entertainers in Namibia, have attributed the killing of women to men’s inability to deal with their emotion.

Speaking to The Villager this week, musicians, comedians and radio presenters said men bottle up their feelings because it is perceived as a sign of weakness for men to express their feelings. This comes as the nation is shocked by a double murder, which claimed the lives of two sisters.

“A lot of things are involved when it comes to why a lot of Namibian men are killing women, and these are mainly societal factors,” Base FM DJ Tuli Kaute said when queried as to why he thinks there has been a spate of passion killings lately.

Kaute explained that Namibian and African men in general are raised to be strong and Male entertainers weigh in on passion killings never show their emotions so most of them keep bottled up. Eventually they explode and because they never learn how to deal with their emotions, they are blinded by rage and end up killing women.

“It is no longer about what the government should do, but it is up to society to help itself. Government has laws and policies in place but they are not upheld…We also need to realise that society is us, you and me make up society,” he stressed, adding that people need to take an active role in educating boys as they become men, as well as giving them emotional support.

Award winning musician Big Ben, who débuted his single titled 1000 Tears, aimed at raising awareness against Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the country, explained that he believed the reason for these murders is because Namibians lack emotional intelligence.

“We have a department for social welfare but it doesn’t do much in terms of emotional health… The government needs to end the holiday that social workers have been on for the last few years, let them do work in the communities, [and] they need to council the nation. They should not wait for people to travel long distances to see them, they should be the ones going out into communities, they should have community forums where these issues are addressed,” the singer said.

Taps, a member of the Savannah Afros, said that when men begin seeing women as human beings, whose loss of life would have dire consequences and would affect their families, then maybe the problem would be curbed.

“There needs to be more programs to educate the nation on GBV. They need to be made aware of it, how to spot it and how to prevent it. Counselling should also be easily accessible to the public,” he says.

Like Kaute, fashion designer Hafeni Frans was also of the mind that the increase in passion killings is due to the fact that men do not know how to deal with their anger issues. He said that the problem with men is due to the fact that men do not talk much, especially when it comes to their problems, whereas women seek counselling from their friends and relatives as opposed to bottling things up.

“Implementing the death penalty will not really help with the issue and it contravenes the Namibian constitution… The government needs to look into counselling and having social workers play an active role,” he said.

Another radio DJ Hafeni Namwira said that he believed the issue lies with the fact that men lack selfcontrol, especially when it comes to dealing with emotions.

While most people think that educating men alone might help with the situation, he said he believes that educating both sexes on how to deal with anger issues might go a long way in reducing the number of passion killings, after all, there have been women have also been charged and jailed for passion killings.

Comedian Fernando Fillipe was boldly frank opting to stay away from making assumptions and rather saying that asking the culprits why they kill might go a long way in getting to the root of the problem.

"It is difficult for the government to take action because they cannot control people’s actions. A lot of people on Facebook have been saying that the death penalty should be brought back. It is unconstitutional, all we can do is plead with the nation to stop doing this…” he concluded in resignation.