Robbers shoot guard in the eye


four unknown robbers shot a security guard who foiled their bid to hit a Grootfontein bar last week.
The security guard at Back of the Moon Bar, Thomas Kakoto, 38, is in hospital with a bullet stuck in his left eye socket and another in the left leg.
It’s not yet clear whether Kakoto’s eye was shattered but when V-Metro visited him at the Windhoek Central Hospital where he was transferred to from Grootfontein, he could not open it.
Kakoto also had difficulty in talking since he was still bleeding through the mouth.
Narrating his ordeal, Kakoto said the robbers hit the bar at 11h00 when he was the only guard on duty.
“I was unarmed and all of a sudden four men rushed in and ordered everyone to freeze,” said Kakoto adding that the robbers opened fire randomly.
“I dived for cover and there were screams all over the place. I guess it was just an attempt to scare everyone or cause panic,” recalled Kakoto.
He said the robbers turned their guns at him, “I felt bullets piercing my flesh. I lost control and sprawled on the floor.”
NamPol Grootfontein, Chief Inspector Ester Mainga confirmed the foiled robbery and Kakoto’s injuries.
She also said a docket bearing case number CR 51/01/2012 has since been opened.
“Yes I can confirm that there was an attempted robbery at that specific bar. The information we have so far indicates that there was only one casualty. We have a case opened but unfortunately, there are no contact details of the owner, the bar or the security company and right now, we are still investigating the whole situation,” said Chief Inspector.