Shell diesel Extra 50 launched

Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy Kornelia Shilunga recommended Vivo Energy’s launch of the Shell Diesel Extra 50 into the Namibian fuel market, as it is expected to give extra protection at no extra cost.

Speaking at the Shell Diesel Extra 50 launch over the weekend, Shilunga noted that, “I am happy to note that with the launch of this product, consumers will get more benefit from filling with Shell Diesel Extra 50 at the same price. Shell Diesel Extra 50 is a regular priced designed to maintain engine performance and protect the engine and fuel systems, therefore helping you to reduce your usage and maintenance costs.”

She also stressed that, “Of late overall demand for energy is growing and oil is expected to maintain its leading position in meeting the country’s growing energy needs for the foreseeable future.”

Managing Director of Vivo Energy Namibia Johan Grobbelaar also expressed the benefits that relates to the Shell diesel Extra 50, “Shell Diesel extra 50 offers an opportunity for all vehicles to use the product including those fitted with catalytic converters. Shell Diesel 50 is no normal diesel fuel; it has an additive and offers extra benefits of protection that other diesels in the market cannot. It prevents the buildup of deposits on the injector nozzles. It forms a protective layer to protect vital engine parts from corrosion and its anti forming properties give you a quicker and cleaner fill when you pull into our forecourts.”