AR Statement on one-day millionaire Neville Andre

Affirmative Repositioning (AR) statement on the land deal of State House Photocopy Clerk Neville Andre who became an overnight land millionaire 

Issued by Land Activists

The AR, the youth led movement to restore the dignity of the landless, notes with utmost disgust, the report in The Namibian newspaper, exposing Neville Andre who became an overnight millionaire at a time when many landless youth are yearning for a place to call home. The report indicates that State House Photocopy Clerk bought the land the same day yet sold it the same day. This should be impossible in the registry of deeds norms and practices. This eventuality not only smacks of corruption of nepotism disposition but shows the activities of the so-called ‘well-behaved’ zombies that are co-opted in elite structures. Indeed, this scandal is a novel illustration of the youth leaders who have sold-out young people for a plate of potato salad.

We would like to make several observations on this matter and put it in proper context. Firstly, during the trials and tribulations of Affirmative Repositioning, particularly in a build-up to 31 July 2015 when we were going to put our hands on the land, State House Photocopy Clerk Neville Andre was one of the vocal zombies against our movement. He joined an elite choir telling the youth to wait for an imaginary date and vision 2030 where houses will fall from heaven. He was part of a zombie choir that was spreading lies and propaganda about our popular, eye-opening and liberating youth movement. In a final analysis, we now see that he was singing and shouting until his lungs, in defence of the status quo, to ensure that he gets a plot for himself and sell it to become an overnight millionaire. It is now clear that he was singing for his own potato salad not out of sincerity of youth leadership.

Secondly, it is alleged that the overnight millionaire State House Photocopy clerk Neville Andre already has a house in Windhoek. He is not, in any way, a first time buyer. It is thus puzzling as to what are the criteria used by the corrupt Walvis Bay municipality to award Neville a plot when close to 10 000 Walvis Bay youth had applied and not gotten even acknowledgement letters. Disgustingly, the report quotes the one day millionaire Neville making lousy claims of not having the money. Any right thinking person would realise that the one-day millionaire, for all intent and purpose, hoodwinked the municipality and knew exactly what he was doing. It is for this reason that he sold it the same day he bought it. To a State House Photocopy Clerk, housing is not important but becoming a one day millionaire is.

We would like to tell the Namibian public that the State House Photocopy Clerk Tendency does not represent all youth and youth leaders. Our youth are not like Neville. Neville represents a small group of zombies who have sold their souls and principles to the elites in exchange of a plate of Potato Salad. The public must not think we are all like Neville the State House Photocopy Clerk or we all want to become a One-Day millionaire.

Neville Andre is careerist charlatan who is obsessed with accumulating power and wealth. If he could, he would cut off his leg and sell it for profit. He is an opportunist who hates democracy. He is now in office illegally, as Chairperson of the Representative Council of the corrupt National Youth Council, his term of office, together with his greedy friend Mandela Kapere, having already ended yet refusing to call for a General Assembly to elect new, honest and corrupt free leaders. He is not new to undemocratic tendencies; he refused to hold a congress of Nanso for the period of 10 years until we finally forced him to succumb to democracy in 2011 when students sent him into retirement. The youth are not in any way like him, he is unique and a rare breed. We seek land for housing purpose and not to become a one day millionaire.

Lastly, we would like to give a serious warning to Walvis Bay municipality. The municipality must not test us. We are already getting fed up with their slow pace on the 200 000 plots deal. The Municipality must know that we know that it is run and owned by white people, who also control Neville, who have extreme power and own most of the politicians in Windhoek and Walvis Bay. The deal with the president is not made out of concrete. If they cannot respect and honour the Massive Urban Land Servicing Program and its deliverables, they must at least respect the Head of State. We reserve our thoughts and strategies to find ways and means of accessing land if the municipality is not going through the agreed path.