Parliament Session: 8th of September

Calle Schlettwein, the Minister of Finance, gave a notice of motion for Tuesday the 15th September 2015:

That leave be given to introduce a Bill to regulate the procurement of goods, works and services, the letting or hiring of anything or the acquisition or granting of rights for or on behalf of, and the disposal of assets of public entities; to establish the Procurement Policy Unity, the Central Procurement Board of Namibia, to provide for the procurement committees and procurement management unites and their powers and functions, to provide for the appointment of bid evaluation committees and their functions; procurement methods; to provide for bidding process, bidding challenge and review; to provide for the employment of Namibian citizens; to provide for preferences to categories of persons, goods manufactured, mined, extracted, produced or grown in Namibia, to Namibian registered small and medium enterprises, to joint venture businesses, to local suppliers, to contractors' and service providers; and to provide for incidental matters.


Elma Jane Dienda, Secretary General of the DTA, gave a notice of motion for Thursday the 17th September 2015:

That this house debates the issue of expanding Medical Clinics to all Tertiary Institutions in the country in order to decrease unwanted pregnancies, dumping of babies, family planning services and general health related issues facing by the youth. This will also help to bring upon Youth Friendly Services at Medical health facilities.


Jan J van Wyk of the UPM gave a notice of questions for Sophia Shaningwa, the Minister of Urban and Rural Developments, for Thursday, 24 September 2015:

Hon Minister, much was said about the AR Applications and the progress made so far, however nothing was said about the thousands of applications for erven that was submitted to Local Authorities across the country over the past 25 years.

Hon Minister, many Namibians have been denied the right to own land and not only those who have applied through the AR movement.

My questions Hon Minister are as follows:

How many applications for erven were submitted to LA across the country over the past twenty five years?
  How many of these applicants benefitted under the Build Together and Shack dweller programs?
  What measures will you take to ensure that these applicants are attended to alongside the processes to accommodate AR Applicants?
  When will the mentioned applicants applicants get feedback on the status of their applications?
  What measures will the Ministry take to finalize the implementation of the "Rukoro Report of 1992"? as the Rehoboth Town Council has over the past 23 years failed to adhere to a Cabinets decision of 1992?


McHenry Venaani, President of the DTA, gave a notice of questions for Frans Kapofi, the Minister of Presidential Affairs, for Thursday, 24 September 2015:

Despite over 6 months having elapsed since the appointment of Hon. Dr. Nickey Iyambo to the position of Vice President, we are no closer to knowing what specifically how his remuneration is constituted and arrived at as required in terms of the Namibian Constitution.

My questions thus:

How much longer does Government intend to continue paying the Vice President in the absence of an Act of Parliament providing the requisite authority to do so?
  When will a Bill be tabled in this August house to determine what the salary of the Vice President should be?


McHenry Venaani, President of the DTA, gave another notice of questions for Frans Kapofi, the Minister of Presidential Affairs, for Thursday, 24 September 2015:

Article 41 of the Namibian Consitution purposefully makes provision for Cabinet accountability to Parliament.

Thus I ask:


Admist much pomp and fanfare, the President earlier this year revealed the identities of his Special Advisors, referred to by himself as the "A Team", the majority of whom were drawn from lucrative positions in various parastatals, where some had been earning significantly more than those with Minsterial positions or grading within the Public Sector.
  Taking cognizance of the fact that the Public Service is not salary-driven but rather exists first and foremose to serve the Namibian people, I believe it is imperative that in the interest of accountability and transparency this August house be informed of the following:

a.) On what salary grading do all of the Presidental Advisors fall? Should there be any grading disparities from one advisor to the next, can reasons therefore please be provided.

b.) What are the salaries and benefits of each of the Presidential Advisors? And again, should there be any differences, may reasons for these be expounded.