Politics and its complexity

Politics usually is a baffling topic that is beyond comprehension for an idle mind unless you have keen interests in the subject at hand. 

Growing up, I have always envisioned myself as a politician not knowing that it is a rather convoluted career choice that is not for the faint of heart. I found it interesting watching the National Assembly while idolising Kazenambo Kazenambo for being so outspoken; I swear I was mesmerized. 

The National Broadcaster for me as child brought me all the local goodies that made me wish to be world class politician, and my friends and I would page each other to find out whether the other has watched the news or not. 

Other teenagers would probably be talking about the latest outfit, going out partying or their current love interest, but we opted to speak about political issues. We could not wait to be old enough to vote for the party we trust. 

When I look back, I feel as though we were brainwashed, we were made to believe that it was all moonlight and roses. You know the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” 

Our mistake was just that, we judged a book by its cover and believed everything we saw. However, I do not regret anything because we were young, gullible and naïve, and I still believe every career has the good, the bad and the ugly. If you are passionate enough, you can persevere. 

Okay, now with my politician dream history out of the way, the recent events in the local political sphere have left me in awe, trying to phantom and detach the veracity from something that may be deemed as a delusion. 

The green light goes ping, and some sense is knocked in me and I realise I am not being delusional, in actual fact it is a reality. 

Hidipo Hamutenya has re-joined Swapo after an eight year hiatus (I wrote this with no single gram of sarcasm although you are allowed to see it as sarcasm). 

You know, pride is a hard pill to swallow, and I bet HH had to gulp down litres of water to swallow the pill called pride and return to what he deems as ‘home.’ 

Mbauae was accepted by the party eldership and the members with both arms and sing-alongs. Are you acquainted with the story in the bible about the Prodigal Son? That is exactly how he was welcomed by the Swapo party. I am sure somewhere they held a huge party to welcome him back. 

Why did he leave in the first place though? Has that been elucidated to us in some way? 

His reasons for having left the party have not been communicated to us and I feel we need to know to understand. 

I read a number of analyses stating reasons why the prominent politician returned to the party. Some stated that he is broke as RDP drained him financially, others stated that he wants a heroic burial as he might be sick. 

Conversing with others, people came up with conclusions that the RDP was started to lure and separate the snitches within the Swapo party from those who are loyal to it. 

Honestly, I do not have an opinion on HH’s return, I have been left dumbstruck and simultaneously wondering how long HH has been plotting his return. Did the President Dr Hage Geingob lure him back to the party? 

HH said he has pondered on the issue of returning before he decided to return, was the lunch with Geingob one of the reasons for his return? 

What happens to all the negative things he said about the Swapo party when he left? Do they become null and void? 

What is more perplexing is the fact that during the elections campaign, Geingob made a remark (and I paraphrase) that HH is welcome to return to the Swapo should he wish so and HH lashed back saying he shall not return. 

What happened to that stance? Seriously I am confused. Was he pushed out of the RDP and thus decided to return ‘home’ as he deems it? 

Journalists are not even allowed to query on the return of HH because the Swapo party spokesperson Helmut Angula said that negative questions are not allowed. 

HH created a hope within RDP members, what happens to them now? What is their fate as we speak? Are those members who followed HH allowed to also return to the Swapo party? 

I understand the current RDP President Jeremiah Nambinga said the party will remain despite its founding member having left. Well, I say the RDP will not have a sit in the NA during the next elections unless a radical change occurs, but this is my opinion. 

HH’ reasons for leaving the Swapo party and then returning has left a number of question marks, all these blank spaces need to be filled.