NekundiÔÇÖs appointment opens pandoraÔÇÖs box

An announcement from the Central Committee lifting Veikko Nekundi’s suspensioneffected by the Swapo Youth League National Executive Council (SPYL NEC) has opened a pandora’s box within the youth wing with Eddie Kafita remaining adamant that he is the ‘legitimate’ acting Secretary.

The divergent voices from Kafita who is leading a part of the disgruntled NEC members on one end and the leadership of Nekundi on the other has displayed visible fissures within the youth league which is struggling to close ranks on their disunity since the ejection of former Secretary Elijah Ngurare.

It has also for the first time shown that the youth wing has been torn in two with those loyal to the ejected former Secretary Ngurare on one hand and those that were on Nekundi’s bandwagon on the other hand.

Nekundi who served as the Deputy Secretary to Elijah Ngurare who was given the boot from the ruling party for behaviour inconsistent with the revolutionary party was a few weeks ago served with suspension letter by SPYL NEC but he saw his proverbial luck stretching last week when he was given the green light to lead the youth wing.

According to the CC meeting held last week Nekundi’s suspension was deemed null and void as it was unconstitutionally done, the same CC meeting also saw Neville Itope being given the powerful secretary for Information and Publicity and Clinton Swartbooi was given the nod to chair a committee that would deal with the issues bedevilling the youth wing.

Nekundi has also been given the nod to call an NEC meeting within seven days and another CC meeting within 21 where all departmental reports are to be tabled, however Nekundi says all these are fallacies.

Kafita told The Villager that Nekundi is hallucinating and needs to practice what he preaches in terms of respecting the party constitution. “Cde Nekundi has completely lost it. He has been the very same person who taught us all to respect the party constitution but he is going all out to ignore his suspension that he knows was done by a constitutional board. We have written to the Head of State seeking audience on this and other issue we are facing but we are still to get a response. It is very unfortunate that we are struggling to deal with issues of disunity but all we want is for Cde Nekundi to respect the principles of the party and the constitution. He knows that he can have a good chance of taking over properly is he follows the channels but as far as we are concerned there is only one Acting Secretary and that is me until we have a proper election, ”Kafita said.

While Nekundi seems to have settled in the comfort of leading the youth wing a rather unimpressed Kafita accused Nekundi of being power hungry and deliberately ignoring the rules that he also laid out for himself.

” We do not understand how Nekundi could be that teacher who tells his students to do as he says but not as he does. He was on the forefront of endorsing this constitution and now he is keen on breaching the same rules that he set. What type of a teacher is that, We know that he has been blackmailing people with the wrong information and some comrades were told that if they do not support him they will be kicked out like what happened to Ngurare, However what we want to tell him is that he should not play with the name of the party and he should also stop using the name of the President for his own good,” he said adding that, “We have deliberately taken a decision to let the dust settle before we have pour planned meeting of the NEC on September 10 where we expect to deal with all the issues amicably.

According to Kafita, Nekundi has been bulldozing his way since the botched meeting in Divumndu that was also attended in the presence of the police as tensions were still high.

Kafita also threw threw spanners saying Nekundi will not be given the opportunity to lead even if he has the backing of the mother party. The Villager could however not reach Nekundi as his phone was unreachable before going to print.

The Villager will also run the full audio interview with Kafita on our  Facebook page and on Lela mobile tomorrow.