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Woman stabs jealous boyfriend with broken bottle

by Chris-Paul


richard Noreseb, 29, suffered wounds to the chin and upper torso inflicted on him by his girlfriend of seven years, Desiree Houbas, 27, after he accused her of cheating on him with another man.
Before the fight, Richard and Desiree have been living together in the Damara Location area of Katutura for almost seven years and they have a five-year old son together.
"Their relationship has always been a problem as they fought a lot. Richard drinks a lot and has an abnormal tendency of becoming jealous for the most simplest things," said Albertina Noreseb, Richard’s mother.
She described Desiree as a short tempered and insecure psychotic individual who would not hesitate to start a fight. "My son is the most jealous man I know, he even gets mad when his uncle talks to his girlfriend. On the other hand, Desiree is crazy, her temper is something else, and she can be very disrespectful."
According to Desiree’s account of the story, a man had sent her to get him a woman he wanted. "This man wanted a woman and he had to me because there was no one else to send, but Richard saw us talking and at the time he was under the influence of alcohol. He started accusing me of cheating on him with the man, and the fight started.”
In the ensuing fight, Desiree allegedly broke a beer bottle and charged after Richard. She stabbed him once on the chin and twice in the chest. "My girlfriend attacked me and stabbed me like a man; I don’t know maybe she was trying to kill me. I didn’t really do much to her that could cause her to hurt me like this, I could have died from those wounds," said Richard, who refused to give information on what caused the fight.
Richard, who is an employee of the Ministry of Works and Transport, was treated at Katutura State Hospital where the wounds were stitched.
Desiree, who originally hails from Keetmanshop, disappeared from the house and only to resurface a few days later at her uncle’s house.  
"I’m not going back there ever again. I will live here with my uncle. Every time we fight his mother seems to be siding with him. He wants me back there but I’m not going back" said Desiree.