16 year old guilty of escaping from custody

A 16 year old boy, who saw a chance to escape from the Katutura Police Station, is regretting his misdeeds as the court found him guilty of escaping from lawful custody.

Gerard Gamatham was initially arrested for robbery but on 28 February 2011 while in the charge office at the Katutura Police station, he saw an opportunity to escape as the door was open.

 He was seen running towards the Katutura Shoprite complex, with two police officers running after him.

Gamatham was apprehended the next day. 

While on trial, he told the police officer that they had been negligent with him. 

“If you had done your job, would I have escaped,” he asked the police when he pleaded not guilty to the charge.

But the court found him guilty and asked him to return to court on 5 September 2011 for pre-sentence.

Gamatham’s mother, pleaded with the court to be merciful as she herself had dealt with her son’s troubling manners for years as well.