Ngurare ghost haunts SPYL

Divisions have emerged in the Swapo Party Youth League’s National Executive Committee (NEC) with some members claiming that they are being purged for their outspokenness and allegiance to expelled Secretary Dr. Elijah Ngurare.
A source within the SPYL NEC confirmed to The Villager that they are being witch hunted for their support to the Affirmative Reposition, Ngurare and outspokenness.
A SPYL source claimed that acting Secretary Veikko Nekundi is a political snitch bent on betraying their belief for political expediency. “He is a yes man and does not stand for the values we share,” he said.
Recently, the Swapo party Central Committee wielded the axe on Dr. Ngurare and AR leaders, Job Amupanda, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and George Kambala for behaviour inconsistent with the party.
The exit of Ngurare from the youth wing also saw the NEC passing a vote of no confidence to Deputy Secretary Veikko Nekundi who has self-acclaimed himself as the acting Secretary General of the militant youth wing.
 Nekundi was suspended because the NEC deemed him as the reason for infighting and division in the youth league, although he has always scoffed at the suspension.
The SPYL source  revealed that  that SPYL members raised concern that the elders are out to get some youth members because they (the youth) support the fundamental rights of the people especially during the issues pertaining to land.
“The leadership trying to get rid of the youth and they do not know where to draw the line between leadership and controlling. The elders are advocating for young people to be kicked out of the party because they are too vocal,” he said.
He also added that young people are being kicked out of the party because they are addressing issues that have been passive and nobody wanted to discuss these issues for the past years.
“We are seen as enemies of the state thus we are being kicked out. Elders do not understand us but we are willing to sit down and discuss this issue. We could have agreed on the land issue in February but the elders were not keen at the time,” he said.
The SPYL member also raised concern that some elders were pushing for the issue of tribal agenda.
When contacted for comment, Swapo Spokesperson Helmut Angula downplayed the friction in the party’s youth wing saying he has not been formally informed about any differences in the NEC.
Angula however said that they are only hearing of the differences from the media saying the situation is that there are vacant positions that need to be filled and people are already campaigning for these positions.
“People are allowed to campaign for these positions, there will of course be people who are pro someone and anti another. Not anti in a bad way, but of course they are campaigning for others. The competition has started as people are aware of the vacancies,” he said.
Angula added that the division is the problem of political aspirations and differences in terms of expressions.
However, it has also emerged that the four expelled SPYL leaders, Ngurare, Nauyoma, Kambala and Amupanda, have decided to take Swapo to court over what they regard as an unfair expulsion from the party and that the correct dealings were not followed.
The suspended four were not awarded a fair hearing nor were they formally charged hence this may not look good for the ruling party as the four have a case if heard.
According to media reports, the suspended four’ lawyers are set to serve their papers to the party and the President centring it on a provision in Article 16 of the Constitution which questions all others to the Supreme Law of the land, with specific reference to issues of natural justices.
Meanwhile, Angula said that if the suspended four take them to court, then the party will defend itself in court.
“The party decided that people cannot be in a party and form their own reforms. This is not the first time members of a party are expelled but of course it is a free democracy. The party has however not passed any resolutions to expel any other person,” he said.
He went on to say that there were hearings for the suspended four as they were summoned at times to the party leadership.
“The hearings are not those like in court, the four have been brought before the leadership and several meetings have been held to warn them. That is a hearing,” he said.
The Villager understands that Swapo Secretary General, Nangolo Mbumba had a scheduled meeting to set up a dialogue with the NEC on Friday last week.
When contacted for comment, Mbumba told The Villager that there are no divisions amongst the NEC members as far as he is concerned. He added that if there is any misunderstanding within the youth wing then it has not been formally communicated to him.
 He added that he does not know of any youth members being purged by the party leaders and maintained that so far, the only people the central committee wanted out are the four expelled members.
“There has been no meeting to expel more SPYL members and there is no such thing,” said Mbumba.
Meanwhile, despite close sources revealing that fissures have taken over the youth wing, Nekundi refuted any divisions amongst the NEC, referring all the comments to the party Spokesperson Helmut Angula.
 “There is no such thing as pro-Nekundi and pro-Ngurare, nobody cares about that and we are all just party members. We believe in the party ideology and not necessarily the Nekundi ideology. Nobody came to me and said they are pro-Nekundi, I do not have any one on my side,” Nekundi said.