Oshakati to spend N$93m to prevent flood

The Oshakati Town Council will spend approximately N$163 million of its N$389 million budget on developmental projects for the 2015/2016 financial year, Town Council Public Relations Officer Jackson Muma said.
Muma said that N$74 million will be spent on the bulk servicing of Okaku Kiipupu, extension 16, Ehenye and Ekuku.
“The 270 ervens in Okaku Kiipupu extension 6 are due for completion by September this year, while phase one and two of the servicing of 1059 ervens in Ekuku is already completed with phase 3 of the project which will see the servicing of 541 ervens commenced last month” he said.
Muma also said that the town will also be implementing capital projects meant to mitigate flooding of the town during rainy seasons.
“The construction of the Dyke around Oshakati that started last year will continue during the current financial year with the construction of a bridge and traffic circle” Muma said.
He said that the construction will cost the town N$93 million and is scheduled for completion towards the end of the year.
Muma said that the town will also be deepening and lining the Okatana river and also construct two bridges to the tune of N$16 million.
He also said that the town has just completed the construction of the Oshakati open market which cost N$80 million, “the market is already completed and we are just waiting for a date so we can have the official opening”
Muma also noted that the Town plans to extend town boundaries on the North West and south west, further adding that the council has extensive plans which involves the allocation of more land, especially to low income earners in the town.
“In terms of council plans, the Council is currently focusing on land allocation. We have already successfully allocated 571 serviced plots in the last three months, a number we would like to see grow to 1000 or more by the end of the year” Muma said.
He further said that the town is not without challenges adding that currently financing and land issues are the town main obstacle.
“The town is surrounded by communal farmers and we have a hard time convincing them to relocate which in turn threatens city growth. We also encounter challenges with formalizing informal settlements especially when it comes to erecting infrastructure such as roads, people just do not want to move” Muma said.
Other budget allocations include, N$ 32 million which has been allocated to the improvement of roads as well as bitumen standards; N$ 4 million has been conferred to the survey for Ompumbu residential area; N$ 250 thousand to be used in constructing of ablution facilities at the cemetery and the servicing of locations such as; Onawa has received an amount totaling to N$15 million.
Furthermore, the Council will survey other areas such as; Othingo which are designated for industrial business activities.
Muma said that taxes and assessment rates on properties will also increase with 5% for the new financial year 2015/2016.
“The council urges the residents to pay their bills for the services rendered on time; however there will be an increment of 5% on water tariffs as well as other municipal services which are done in accordance the national inflation rates” he said.