Alina - Siempre con nosotros


i was on top of a monkey when I heard about Alina David Mshasho’s lawyer’s death on 29 December last year after spending a night in Katutura State Hospital where she’d been admitted the previous day after complaining of a headache and neck pains.  She was buried on 3 January at her village Ohengu in Uukwanyama.
Preparations for the unveiling of her tombstone are underway. The likes of Mshasho, Antonio Arts and her family are on the forefront of the proceedings. I would like you to spare a thought for this young woman who contributed immensely to the Namibian music industry. A number of artists, not to mention The Dogg and Fishman can attest to her contribution.
The Dogg voted her as the official number one Mshasho fan last year because of her steadfast contribution to the Mshasho brand. Alina and I remonstrated a lot. Many a times, we’d argue, and then talk about it. In my opinion, Alina was the greatest music fan this country has ever seen. She stood by The Dogg through thick and thin, at the same time using her Facebook page. She may be gone but Alina, siempre con nosotros - always with us!