Woman charged for testicle attack

An Oshakati woman Iinamolela Otto (46) appeared before Magistrate, Vivian Ndlovu last week faced with a predicament of explaining how she pulled her tenant’s boyfriend testicles until they were swollen.
 She was charged with assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
The court heard that Otto assaulted Ruben Shilongo (56) by pulling his testicles and pouring cold water on him.
The court heard the Shilongo visited Otto’s house where his girlfriend resides with the intention of taking her. However the girlfriend refused to accompany him. Shilongo enraged with the rejection assaulted his girlfriend eventually angering Otto who took the law into her own hands to defend her tenant by unleashing excruciating pain by pulling his manhood.
The court also heard that Shilongo’s testicles were swollen and he was hospitalised at Oshakati state hospital.
During her plea, Otto informed the Court that she did not touch the complainant on that day, adding that Shilongo hit her on the eye.
She also told the magistrate that Shilongo returned to her house to apparently apologise for what he did the previous day and offered her N$30.00 in order to go to the hospital.
However, she refused to accept the money and she did not go to the hospital.
Her younger nephew accepted the money on her behalf. Otto was released on bail of N$500.
The matter was remanded to 24 July 2015 for further investigations.
The state was represented by Prosecutor, Markus.