Govt launches upgrade of Oshakati state guesthouse

Government has commenced with the second phase of the upgrading of Oshakati State Guest house which will see the state spending N$40m, Presidential Affairs Ministry Permanent Scretary Samuael /Goaseb ghas confirmed.
The upgardading is part of a two year plan to give the state guest house a facelift and a modern look.
“This upgrade has been running for two years now and it has just moved to staff housing because they were living in caravans which were falling apart” PS /Goagoseb said.
He added that “We are estimating the costs to be about N$40 million for the construction and renovation,” said /Goagoseb.
The main components of the project will include; construction, renovation, accommodation facilities and purchasing of facilities.
/Goagoseb told The Villager that a local company called M. Shikongo’s Investment Group CC was contracted to do the construction work, however the company that will do the renovation work has not yet been appointed.
“Towards the end of last year we have commissioned a number of companies to construct and renovate but we only managed to appoint the one for the construction. The company that will do the renovation work is yet to be appointed,” he said.
“The Oshakati guest house is a government planned project under the capital projects of the state house. The government is busy renovating and expanding it because the current one no longer has the capacity and standard to accommodate the high ranking government officials when they are visiting the northern regions,” said Kapofi.
The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 31 March 2018.
Kapofi said that the renovations of the Oshakati mini state house is an old project that has been accounted for the medium term expenditure framework (MTEF) for 2013 – 2016.
He added that the Swakopmund mini state house which is the oldest has been renovated some years ago, already.
He furthermore said that there are no plans of building mini state houses in the other 11 regions.
The Presidential affairs ministry, Permanent Secretary Samuel /Goagoseb informed The Villager that the expansion of the Oshakati state guest house includes additional staff rooms as the current ones are too small to accommodate visitors and a renovation of fabricated buildings.
The medium term plans main achievement in the last three years indicates that completion one of phase one and two of the retaining wall at the Presidential guest house was achieved.
According to the development budget of the 2015/2016 financial year indicates that N$715 million will be put aside for government function and protection administration.
According to the Medium term expenditure framework for the 2015/ 2016 financial year an amount of N$11.1 billion has been set aside for the development budget.