Namibians leaving the country for greener pastures

Many Namibians are leaving the country in search of greener pastures and lucrative jobs elsewhere The Villager has uncovered.
Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration Pendukeni Ivula-Ithana confirmed that Namibians are leaving the country in search of better working opportunities in South Africa and Germany.
Ivula-Ithana said the Ministry has recorded an increased number of people leaving the country which clearly indicates the desire for Namibians to work elsewhere, because the Namibian industries are not vast enough to accommodate the different working fields.
“Yes, the numbers have increased over the years and it is worrisome because these are the people that are supposed to build our economy” Ivula-Ithana said.
She also said that this is not only a home affairs issue but a national concern adding that the government is often forced to import skilled people to work in Namibia while its own people chose to seek employment elsewhere.
Furthermore, Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary Alfred Ilukena said that the fact that more Namibians are penetrating the international labour market is not a bad reflection for the MoE but rather something to be proud of.
Ilukena said that the ministry is pleased that more Namibians are broadening their horizons and competing for jobs internationally as it means that the standard of education in the country has improved.
“We have an issue with Namibians being too home bound, right now only a few Namibia is not represented internationally as far as international labour standards are concerned. To learn that the situation has changed is a welcomed change” Ilukena said.
He however added that the situation is not without any disadvantages adding that if the best brains are leaving the country for one reason or the other, the country is soon to suffer a skill deficit.
“The only disadvantage is that we will need to train more people to cover for those who are leaving which might put strain on the education system” Ilukena said.
He also said that the ministry has not had a problem with students who received study loans from the government but chose to work in other countries adding that they are not limited to working in Namibia only as long as they pay back their student loans.
“There is nothing restricting students from looking for jobs elsewhere in the world. We are only concerned if they do not pay back the money. It does not help anyone if we keep them in the country while they are unemployed, how will they be able to repay their loans?” Ilukena said.
Deputy Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Alpheus Muheua said, said that he is aware that Namibia is battling unemployment however there are a lot of employment opportunities for people with expert skills in Namibia.
“The labour market for skilled people in the country is very vast, so much so that most expert positions are occupied by foreigners because very few of our people have the necessary skills to fill the positions” adding that he does not understand the need for Namibians to look for jobs outside of the country.