Rehoboth police battle drug evil


rehoboth police are puzzled by suspected cases where patrons at a popular lounge, Zion, in the town claim they have had their drinks spiked.
Officer Boytjie Eiman of the Rehoboth Police Station confirmed receiving a complaint and launching an investigation into the claims but could not make any arrests.
“I was contacted by someone from the community just shortly before the New Year’s . So I approached the owner of the place in question who told me that he had no knowledge of such incidents but promised to look out for the culprits. During the investigation, we questioned a number of people at the club but we got nothing,” says Officer Eiman.
However, according to Eiman, people’s unwillingness to come forward with information makes it extremely difficult for the police to solve this matter or to find the culprits.
He said it is a serious crime, which constitutes attempted murder as  victims can suffer serious health problems.
The owner of the club, Gerome Coetzee is currently out of the country and could not be recahed for comment.
His wife, however, denied any knowledge of the spiking.
A patron who ended up in hospital on New Year claims drink spiking has become a trend in the town.
“I only started feeling ill when we arrived home from Zion. At first, I felt a little off-balance,then felt nauseous after which I vomitted a few times, then my body became paralysed. So my husband  immediately took me to the hospital,” says Anna (not her real name), a married mother of two.
She claims to have been fully conscious during her ordeal and could observe what was happening around her.
In the meantime, she expresses her dissatisfaction with the St.Mary’s Hospital staff on duty who failed to withdraw blood from her to determine the  substance her drink might have been spiked with.
Anna, who claims to only take about three glasses of drinks on an outing is adamant that that’s what she consumed on the day alone could not have caused her paralysis. She suspects that her drink might have been doctored when she, regretably, left it  unattended when she went to speak to a friend at another end of the bar.
Anna who wishes to remain anonymous, adds that she took the matter up with the management of the bar just shortly after being discharged from the hospital where she was admitted for four to five hours but was met with a rather aggressive response.