There is a Can in Cancer with Chi Chi

The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) and Sanlam have teamed up yet again, this time on an inspirational, educational and informative “reality” television show that focuses mainly on ‘Life after a Cancer Diagnosis’.

‘There’s a Can in Cancer with Chi Chi’ was launched in Windhoek on Wednesday, 27 May, and will premiere on nbc1 on Wednesday, 3 June 2015 at 18H50. Six episodes will be pre-packaged with the intention of airing one show per month on the national broadcaster. Each episode will be 10 minutes and will air on Wednesdays at 18h50.

Repeats will be broadcast based on the need. The initiative is backed by Sanlam to the tune of N$100, 000 - through which the financial services giant intends to rededicate its resources to the fight against cancer, while providing a platform on which real life testimonies can be shared by people living with cancer. Cancer warrior and television presenter, Nancy 'Chi-Chi' Muinjo has been roped in as a host, while ThisTv, a television production company headed by Lownan Nangombe, will take charge of the production of the program.

Chi-Chi has been battling breast cancer for over half a decade, as such her hosting the program will not only bring assurance to other cancer patients about life after a cancer diagnosis, but will also serve as an inspiration to them as she relives her story on camera. Speaking at the launch, nbc Chief Commercial Officer Alex Shimuafeni said the core purpose of the television program was to bring the reality of cancer into the homes of Namibians with the aim of sharing knowledge on the subject with potential role players in helping to eliminate the problem.

“The show aims to capture the essence of life after cancer. A day into the life of this individual is then captured with the intention of bringing reality, solutions and hope to the ordinary Namibians fighting cancer as this may inspire those viewing this show. The journey will entail the immediate impact of cancer for the patient and their loved ones, logistics related to travel, medication, costs, their personal life, lifestyle change,” said Shimuafeni.

He added, “Through these episodes, we will inform the nation, as one of our three mandates, about cancer. To our partners, Sanlam: It is true that we as nbc cannot always do all these things by ourselves and thus the need for partners to carry out such initiatives together with us. This is in line with an NBC board directive taken some years ago that NBC should become a broadcaster and not a production company. For the market out there, this represents an opportunity to collaborate with NBC for a full on production or a partnered production such as this one we are launching here today.”

Shimuafeni added that nbc believed that airing the show would allow the viewer and others going through the same experience to better manage cancer in a Namibian home and also to learn from others. Sanlam Namibia General Manager for Public and Corporate Support, Evans Simataa, said the fight against cancer is one that should involve everyone because cancer affects not only those living with the disease but society as a whole.

“Today we celebrate the brave members of our community that have been living positive lives as cancer warriors. When Sanlam approached Chi-Chi to spearhead the new initiative we were thrilled that she came on board without any hesitation. She has been battling with cancer for the last six years and she has always shown the winning end of cancer and never allows it to interfere with all that she has achieved,” Simataa said. Sanlam also sponsors over N$250 000 annually to the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN), through its Cancer Golf Challenge.