Suspect attempts to outsmart police

Johannes Kalondo this week learnt the hard way that you can attempt to lie to law- enforcement officers, but they will always unearth the truth.
The 22-year-old Goreangab resident was charged with one count of furnishing false information to the Namibian Police on 8 July 2014.
Details about what actually transpired on the day in question remain sketchy, but Magistrate’s Court documents revealed that the suspect was approached by police, and asked to provide his name and residential address.
He allegedly informed the police that his name is Petrus Amutenya and that he resides in Havana, which was total falsehood.
Under section 41 of Act 51 of 1977, the police have the right to obtain such information from any individual they believe committed an offence, attempted to commit an offence or may be able to give evidence.
During his first appearance, Kalondo pleaded not guilty to the charge, stating that he was homeless at the time, hence the fake information.
Perhaps realising how far-fetched his story was, the suspect has since failed to make another court appearance.
Presiding Magistrate Johannes Shuuveni ordered this week that his bail be provisionally withdrawn, and his bail amount of N$300 be provisionally forfeited to the State.
A warrant of arrest has also been issued.