The biggest loser shapes lives


Anyone who has seen The Biggest Loser USA will tell you that Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels are sadistic gym-rats who live off torturing the contestants of the show.
However Adel Oosthuizen, a qualified Esthetician and owner of Dikaios Multiwell and Slimming Salon, does it merely to help people lose weight.
Oosthuizen recently launched the sixth season of the Biggest Loser Namibia, of course not affiliated to the American version but with shared goal.
“Our goal is to help people commit to losing weight,” Oosthuizen said.
After extensive trend watching, the aesthetician realized that having a competition was the best way to get people to commit to a weight-loss program and that way, she could offer them the support they need, should they falter.
“Contestants have to purchase a nutrition program that they follow to the letter, each week they come in for a weigh in and we measure their progress,” she explained.
The competition also caters for people living out of Windhoek. All they need to do is visit their local pharmacy or health facilities for a weekly weigh-in and have it signed off.
“We don’t look at the weight when we chose the winner, we measure the body percentage. There are formulas to measure body percentage which we use to determine the winner,” she said.
The nutrition programme is supplied by Medi-Shape South Africa and Oosthuizen swears by its effectiveness.
Also to ensure that the contestants keep their weight off, they are put through a maintenance program for at least six months after the competition. “We motivate our contestants long after the competition to make sure they stay on track.”
While the competition will not be aired on television to protect the anonymity of their contestants, the top five results will be posted on Facebook every week until the end of the competition.
The competition ends on 5 June, and the winners will be announced on 8 June. The top 10 winners will win prizes to the value of N$30