Lindeke passes on

Institute for Public Policy and Research (IPPR) Board member and Senior Research Associate, Professor Bill Lindeke has died.

In 2013, Lindeke was diagnosed with cancer of which he succumbed to after months of battling with the illness. IPPR Executive Director Graham Hopwood said Lindeke as a source of sage advice and as an IPPR Board member for the best part of the last decade and a highly committed research associate who helmed the Afrobarometer project through the last three national surveys.

Hopwood described Lindeke as a well-known and respected figure in the international research community concerned with governance and democracy throughout the continent. “Namibian and African scholarship is impoverished by his loss.

Bill was an insightful commentator on politics in Namibia and internationally - often going out of his way to help journalists with articles and provide 'instant' analysis for broadcast media. He saw the role of the academic as going far beyond the 'ivory towers' of higher education institutions and became a crucial resource person for civil society in Namibia,” said Hopwood.

Despite Lindeke having been very ill since late 2014, he had continued to coordinate the IPPR's Afrobarometer project and managed to present survey findings at public events up until the end of February this year. Hopwood noted that until just a few weeks ago, Lindeke was still planning further Afrobarometer presentations at the University of Namibia and around the country.

“He was a mentor for many young Namibians who studied political science and related subjects -both as a lecturer at the University of Namibia and as a source of advice and encouragement for individual students,” said Hopwood.