Even a cute face can crack a joke!

Not being from the same country as most of the people he shares a stage with on comedy nights, Courage broke into the comedy scene the hard way. The fact that he is is not from the same streets as the other boys did not keep him from sharing his jokes.
His jokes can be funny, they can be awkward, they can be hilariously rude, but most of all, they are Africa and executed in an African manner. Yes, the boy is funny, and this week, he sat down with Celebs Unplugged to tell us a bit about himself.
Tell us about your journey into comedy?
We were doing a drama at school and free your mind came to watch and one of the comedian guys, Slick the Dick, approached me and he was like ‘you are really funny why don’t try being a comedian?’. Besides that, my friends also encouraged me to go for it.
Aside from being a comedian, what else do you do?
I am a DJ as well, so that’s something I’m always busy with when I am not cracking jokes.
Where do you normally perform?
I am at the warehouse every Thursday, and we still have monthly shows at Hilton.
What is your favorite line?
Sex between three people is a 3some right, Sex between two people is a 2some, now why is handsome still a compliment.
Who inspired you?
Locally, Slick The Dick (STD), inspired me and internationally I would say I have been inspired by Trevor Noah but my main inspiration is trying to make the world a better place and just putting a smile on someone’s face.
How do you deal with a crowed which does not just get the joke at all?
Something is always funny, every human being has a sense of humor somewhere and it’s our job as a comedian to find that soft spot and make the person laugh, a person can’t be grumpy for the rest of their lives.
What is your best performance you have ever had?
All my performances were the best but the one that stands out is when we were  competing against each other for the last comic standing competition in 2011.The other one was when I performed in Zimbabwe during December last year. It was really nice.
Have you ever been told that you’re not funny?
No, but there is always a perception that we repeat the same jokes but one thing that people don’t know is it takes time to fix and perfect a joke. I would make an example of Trevor Noah, he repeats his jokes but it’s always funny, there are people out there that have been told before that they are not funny and gave up what they do. To me, I take it as a challenge and prove them wrong. The same people who will say you’re not funny are the same people that end up laughing. There are so many comedians out there that are told they are not funny but they are still going strong. Nobody should ever break you down.
They say you need to be ugly to be funny; do you agree?
Do I look ugly? Is Trevor Noah ugly? So it’s a no, even a cute face can crack a joke.
What was your worst nightmare?
Dreaming that my girlfriend is cheating on me.
Describe yourself in three words?
 Loving, funny, brave.
Would you say you make money in being a comedian?
Yes I do. Although it is still a new thing in Namibia and it’s not well recognized, I would say I do make money out of it, otherwise I wouldn’t have been doing it. We do make money by being hired to go perform in places and they do pay well, I should say.
Everybody is talking about Trey Songz coming to Namibia. Most guys have an issue about girls going on about him, what is your take on that?
This is a big event and I believe MTC has done a great job bringing Trey Songz to the country, besides they have made enough money from us to afford him. Who knows how they got him to come here anywhere, maybe he volunteered to come here, or maybe he saw Penelope’s video and decided to come. This is an opportunity for guys to get what they want by saying ‘I will buy you a ticket to Trey Songz’s show’.

How would you advice someone who is in an Abusive relationship?
Get out of the relationship. That’s all I can say because there is no justification for beating up a woman. No matter how much you love the person.
Are you dating?
I am in a serious relationship, yes.
With you being a comedian making girls giggle as well as a DJ, doesn’t it attract girls? How does your girl react towards that?
She actually understands and trusts me. That’s the most important thing.
Where do you see yourself in the next 10years?
Will I have already started working on that, my year has already started. I am actually planning on travelling around the world, I want to go to South Africa for shows there just for exposure. I see myself where Trevor Noah is today.