Where are the sympathy Hashtags for Africa??

What can you call this disease where African leaders can pack suits, get on planes and fly out of their continent to go and console a European country when it was hit by ISIS but these same African leaders could not pack their suits and fly to Kenya to go and stand by Uhuru Kenyatta after those attacks by Al Shabaab.
African countries are caught up in this pretentious brotherhood where they are together in times of happiness and never together in times of trouble. What a shame! Seriously, we are ashamed to hear that 148 students perished in Kenya and now we there is dead silence from across the continent. What a shame. Can we claim that they are still organising or simply our leaders do not have the nerve of steel to stand together. Under normal circumstances, we would expect the African Union to mobilise and stand as a strong force and go crush the Elshabab but hello, who is standing up? No one! One wonders whether France has become more important than our own African brothers.
In Africa, the belief used to be people are people because of people muntu umuntu nghabanntu but there is no belief in that nonsense anymore. In fact, the level of selfishness has gone to the level where African leaders tell each other that it’s one man for himself and God for us all.
When the offices of a French satirical cartoon newspaper were attacked by ISIS, African leaders, especially from French -speaking countries, went to stand by France, then shortly after that, hashtags on social networks such as twitter started to trend, hashtags such as #JeSuisCharlie were all over in support of France. So African leaders, where are the hashtags #JeSuisKenya??
It is understandable that France has influence on a lot of African countries which explains why they went to Europe in support of France and to condemn the attacks by ISIS but it is very shocking that African leaders cannot organise themselves to support Kenya.
Africans have completely lost touch with the importance of unity. What helped us all become physically independent from our colonisers? Have we long forgotten? Is it so hard for Africa to stand together in support?
The last time African leaders, especially in SADC, came together to support a country that was in trouble was when Namibia, amongst other countries, sent soldiers to Congo DRC.
Where has Ubuntu disappeared to? Why is it still difficult for us to prioritize our home affairs as compared to things outside our continent? European or any Western leaders did not pull themselves together to support countries such as Kenya, Somalia, Zimbabwe or even Angola.
Last month, over 60 Angolans were killed in a mudslide due to heavy rainfalls, and the Angolan President, during that week, did not visit the affected places which got Angolans thinking about their leader’s priorities, because President Jose Eduardo dos Santos travelled to Namibia to spend Namibia’s independence celebration and Presidential inauguration instead of going to visit the affected areas.
Angolan citizens were on social networks asking why their president deemed it more important to go to a foreign country’s event than to visit a town in his country where lives were lost.
African countries did not send their sympathy to Angola either. This is the same lack of Ubuntu that has seen Zimbabwe plummet into economic darkness.
African countries, especially those in SADC, could not come together to assist Zimbabwe except for occupying all its citizens looking for greener pastures. After the sanctions on Zimbabwe, SADC could have pulled itself together to support Zimbabwe instead of leaving it to rot.
African nations need to realize that they do not need foreign help in order to function. Africa does not need to survive on bargaining with Europe but by bargaining with itself.
That can only be done when a generation of Presidents realizes that Africa can survive by only trading with itself. Africa needs to focus on its own matters. Focus on its own infrastructure, its own manufacturing, its own political issues as opposed to those outside the continent.
It is only even worse that people are dying like flies in Southern Sudan and the simple solution again lies in a united army from AU but oh dear oh dear nothing is going to happen because we all pray to mother Europe. As Africans, we have become so accustomed to cherishing each other’s troubles that we prefer mother Europe. In fact, whenever mother Europe farts we pretend she has smiled and we smile with her while our brothers are languishing in turmoil.