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Kapofi to stay on at SME Bank

Tue, 7 April 2015 11:12
by Charmaine Ngatjiheue

Minister of Presidential Affairs, Frans Kapofi will continue to serve in his capacity as the Chairperson of the Small and Medium Enterprises Bank, The Villager can confirm.
Speaking to The Villager this week, Kapofi said he cannot just resign or walk away from the bank without giving it (SME Bank) prior notice.
He added that currently time is not working in his favour to let go of his position as the Chairperson as he will need to do it in an orderly manner and do the necessary arrangements that will give him enough time to find a successor.
“Why should I resign? What does that have to do with your paper? How is it news worthy to you,” asked Kapofi.
Kapofi reiterated that he cannot just resign from the bank as he will need to give them enough notice, saying when the time comes for him to resign, it will be announced in the correct mediums.
“These things require time and need to be done in an orderly fashion but what you need to know is that I am a bit tight on time thus I might not be able to serve the bank but when such a time comes, you and the public will definitely be informed. I cannot just walk away, I need to give enough notice and make arrangements for the next person to take my place,” said Kapofi.
Kapofi has been serving the SME Bank as the Chairperson for the past three years, since 2012 during the time when the bank received its official operating licence.
Amongst others, Kapofi also served on a number of boards such as being te Group Chairman of the Western National Insurance Holdings, Chairperson of the Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) Governing Council and Chairman of the August 26 Holdings Company Board of Directors.
Early last year, in March, Kapofi was appointed as a non-executive Director of the Bidvest Namibia Directorate.
After Independence, Kapofi was appointed as the country’s first Permanent Secretary and Accounting Officer in the Ministry of Defence and thereafter he joined the Ministry of Prisons and Correctional Services as its First Permanent Secretary and Accounting Officer 1995, a position he held until he was appointed to the position as the Secretary to the Cabinet in 1999.
After serving as a civil servant for 16years, Kapofi retired late last year from his position as a Secretary to Cabinet.
Other SME Bank Board members are Windhoek Municipality former Chief Executive Officer, Niilo Taapopi; Second Vice President of the Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), Theo Mberirua and GIPF’s, Milka Mungunda.