PaulaÔÇÖs passion for radio

Paula is one of Fresh FM’s bubbliest radio presenters today, even though she says her radio career started off as a last resort, she managed to transform it into a passion. She keeps Fresh FM’s listeners glued to their radios between 10am to 2pm on weekdays. She tells The Villager that as a female radio presenter, she has grown accustomed to knowing that boys will be boys.
As a young presenter, Paula says she knows what the youth of today love to listen to and that keeps her show more entertaining. Paula, who sat down with The Villager, said “at first I was desperate for a job and then it turned into passion”.
Where are you from?
I was born in Luderitz, raised by a single mother. My dad was not really in the picture back then.
Do you have kids and are you single?
I have a 6-year-old boy and I am seeing someone.
What motivated you to be a radio presenter?
The truth is I dropped out of school in my 3rd year was doing public management at The Polytechnic of Namibia. I dropped out because of financial problems, so I was desperate for a job and started job hunting. For almost six months I couldn’t get a job, until one day my cousin told me that that fresh FM is recruiting so I applied and got the job. Being a religious person I believed that God gave me the job because I prayed that same day.
Being in the music Industry, interviewing a lot of artists, have many of them tried hitting on you?
Guys will always be guys. I wouldn’t deny that I have been approached several times, but one thing about me is I am always in a relationship.
Would you want to continue your studies when you finally settle down?
Yes, but then I would really have to save up because, funds is the only thing in my way, I have applied for a loan before but nothing worked out, besides that I am responsible for so many people right now that I am unable to afford, because not having an education is tough.
Is there any other radio personality out there that you have ever listened to and be like “WOW”?
I love Tashia Kalondo. She’s at radio wave. I always listen to her. I love her vibe when she’s on radio. I would say she is my role model.
Besides from being in studio, what do you do on your free time?
I don’t go clubbing, because I am forever listening to music. There is no point in me going to clubs to still go listen to music. I would rather stay at home and watch series with hubby or with friends, but I love arts, I would rather go to art events and shows.
Since working for a radio station can be a bit challenging, knowing that every individual wants to do music, whether they are bad or good, is it not difficult telling an artist that we can’t play your music?
Well, we are trying to build a brand and playing music that do not meet our requirements is not allowed, the music should be of good quality then we can play it, it’s not easy, I remember when I was the music Manager, there was one guy here, who almost went koekoes (crazy) after telling him we can’t play his music because its weak. He made a show here”. It’s not just the upcoming artists, the older guys in the game as well, just because it’s Gazza, Exit. The names are just an example. They expect their songs to be played even if they are bad.  
What do you think of the new president?
I am so excited and his wife it’s something new. I once watched a documentary about him and I think he just knows a lot. Having an intelligent president is good for the generation, I am not saying the other presidents where not smart, but let’s wait and see, since people were also excited about Obama and I don’t think he has done much.
Where do you see yourself in 2/3 years’ time?
I would want to be a Station Manager one day though.
Have you ever been hired to MC at a huge event?
Not really, only when companies hire the radio station itself for life broadcasting at events and so on, but I would love to MC at a huge event one day. There was once a guy who approached me to go MC at an event he’s organizing for Brick and Lace apparently coming to Namibia but he never came back to me. Maybe they are still organizing the event I don’t know.