Man accuses stepson of robbing him at gunpoint

A 56-year-old resident of Outapi, Paulus Mandume, told police that he was allegedly robbed by his stepson, Andreas Kotokeni, and a friend at gunpoint while watching TV in his living room.

Mandume told police that he was watching TV and waiting for his wife who was in the bathroom before they could retire for bed when two men, which he believed were his stepson and a friend, allegedly walked in with their faces masked.
“I heard people talking just outside the window of the living room and I assumed that it was people I know. One pointed a gun at me, while the other got into went over to my bedroom and stole my laptop, cellphone, money and other things,” said Mandume.
He said he recognized his stepson from the way he walked and his shoes, as he swore it was him.
“I know that boy, he lived here for three years and he comes around every time he wants food or steal something to go and sell to buy alcohol,” he said.

During the robbery, he said, he tried to grab one of the suspects but was punched back in the face.
“I tried to grab him and wrestle him to the floor, the other one punched me in the face and I was a bit disoriented. I could only hear them running out of the house and at this point my wife was coming out of the bathroom,” he said.
Mandume and his wife went in search for the perpetrator but could not find him, they then reported the matter to the police.
When quizzed about the robbery, Kotokeni denied setting foot at his stepfather’s house lately, but said he was not surprised that police picked him up for questioning.
“I have not been at his place in two months now and I have not even been drinking lately. The police officers who came to get me were his friends and were hoping I’d confess to something I did not do. I also do not speak to that guy, but I was not surprised that he is accusing me,” he said.
Omusati Regional Crime Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu said after interrogating Kotokeni, they could not arrested him due to insufficient evidence.
“According to what the investigator told me, there wasn’t enough evidence for police to make an arrest there was not enough evidence to link the two to the robbery. There was also a problem with the descriptions provided to the police,” said Kanyetu.