Ukwangali community challenges Siwombe position

Factionalism has hit the Ukwangali
Traditional Authority with a clique of
about 1000 members sending a petition
to the Ministry of Regional and Local
Government, Housing and Rural Development
to nullify the application by the acting Chief to
be designated as appointed at a full time basis.
The petition in the possession of The Villager
submitted on 10 March 2015, raised matters
pertaining to the Chieftainship of the Ukwangali
Traditional Community.
It said after the death of Chief Daniel Sitentu
Mpasi last December, the community does
not have a lawfully appointed leader as per
Ukwangali tradition and customs, as well the
Traditional Authorities Act, 25 of 2000 to lead in
acting capacity or permanently.
It furthers argues that the majority of the
community did not authorize his appointment as
Acting chief and does not support his quest for
designation as chief.
It also states that there are five royal families
in line with the Chieftaincy of the Ukwangali
Traditional Authority where a rightful and fit
person maybe nominated and eventually elected
as chief. Part of the document asked, “Why
one royal family should be considered for the
Chieftainship, and which customary law permits
this kind of practise?”
The petition also wants the line minister to
stop the designation of acting Chief Siwombe as
permanent Chief of the Ukwangali Traditional
Former Minister of the Ministry of
Regional and Local Government, Housing and
Rural Development Major General Charles
Namoloh confirmed reception of the petition
this month, but questioned its authenticity and
representativeness of majority of the Ukwangali
“I’m speaking in my capacity as
parliamentarian and I can tell you that I’m aware
of the petition but I seriously questioned its
“The signatories on the petition did not look
real and it looks as though the petition was
signed by one person only who tried to change
signatures,” said Namoloh.
He added that the questionable authenticity
of the petition saw him filing to send a team to
the region to investigate the situation.
“It was difficult for us to really to look into
the matter because that document looks fishy. It
does not look like it represents the majority of
the community,” said Namoloh.
He further said he has been aware of the
issue since 2010, “We have documents on the
matter dating from as far as 2010 that means
even the late Chief Sitentu was still alive. What
I do know is that acting chief was introduced to
the community and nominated as his successor.
If they had any objection, they should have
addressed it there and then.”
A well respected community member who
asked to speak under the condition of anonymity,
said those who appointed Siwombe as acting
chief are trying to continue with the corruption
that the tradition authority has been accused of.
“This is the reason why a report about the
findings of the investigation has up to now not
be been shared with the public and we doubt it
Those who want Siwombe want to continue
with the illegal selling of land,” said the
community member and one of the signatory of
the petition.