Man breaks into exÔÇÖs apartment with panga

A Ruacana man, David Iidipo, is alleged to have gone on a violent rampage last week, wielding a panga and breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment where she was sleeping with a her current boyfriend.
Salmi Negumbo, the assailant’s ex-girlfriend, told police officers that a drunken Iidipo broke into her apartment and threatened the people with the panga.
According to Omusati Regional Crime Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu, the couple and three other people in the household had been sleeping at the time.
“They were sleeping and heard him shout profanities in the house. When they woke up, they found him with a panga, hurling insults. The woman at first thought he had come to kill her because she was with another man, but realized that he was hurling insults at no one in particular,” said Kanyetu.
Kanyetu said Iidipo left the house without hurting anyone, went next door where he kicked down the gate and vented out his anger on a wooden ladder.
“After kicking down the gate, he chopped the neighbors’ ladder down while continuing with the insults.  People interviewed by police said he did not direct his anger to anyone they know and they suspected that the alcohol led him to do that,” Kanyetu said.

“The police found him seated under a tree with his head in his lap. He was taken to the station for questioning and let go the next day after the people refused to open cases of malicious damage to property against him,” he added.
 When approached by Metro, Iidipo was apologetic, saying “I have never had anything like this happen before in my life. I also do not think it was the alcohol because I have been drinking for a very long time but nothing like this has happened before. I’m very sad about what happened. My ex-girlfriend and I have no problems. I already apologized for the disturbance,” he said.